Week 34 Weigh In

Hello and welcome to this week’s weigh in. It has been 34 weeks since my Gastric Bypass Surgery. This is the final weigh in of 2022 and the first without a cat in the house. Yeah, I’m sad.

Nothing Earth shattering this week as far as number milestones are concerned, with one shining exception. Last week’s weigh in had me at 247.2 pounds. Today’s weigh in has me at 243.6 pounds. The difference is 3.6 pounds, and that is fantastic.

The total amount of weight lost since the surgery on May 4, 2022 is 187.8 pounds. A great number, but the 10’s digit is the same as last week so no big milestone. We’re creeping closer and closer to that magical day when the 100’s column changes again though.

The total amount of weight lost since the first weigh in on January 19, 2022 is 208.4 pounds. Again, an epic number but not enough for a milestone digit this time around. That’s okay though, just so long as that first digit is still a two.

The only stat left to check is the one that has a huge milestone and that is BMI. BMI values in the range of 30-34.9 are considered obese. Values between 25-29.9 are considered overweight. At last week’s check in my BMI was 30.1, just barely clinging to obese. Today? 29.7. We are official in the overweight category, and while it sounds ridiculous to say this, I am so very happy about it. On January 19, 2022 my BMI was a meager 55. I couldn’t even imagine a world where I was overweight rather than obese. I can’t tell you how amazing this is.

Next week’s weigh in is going to happen on our Disney World trip… I think. Not sure. There’s some potential changes to our travel agenda but I won’t know more until later this morning. Depending on what we learn today, I might actually be bringing a bathroom scale in my suitcase. I’ll let you know.

For now, thanks for coming and reading my insane little story.