Happy Seven Months

Seven months ago today I went under the knife and had my guts rearranged. Boom, babie. What do you say we honor the occasion with a trip to Vermont to see the kids and to hear my ridiculously talented step daughter sing a bit, but also honor the occasion* with a bonus weigh in?

It’s only been four days since the last weigh in but there was that one day when I did not eat even a crumb of food because I was feeling sick, remember? I think we can thank/blame that day for the slightly spectacular results I’m about to share with you, my internety friends.

Four days… three pounds. I lost three pounds. I am down to 257.0. My BMI is now 31.3. As soon as it drops below 30 I can officially stop calling myself obese. That’ll be the day, right? The total loss since the surgery is 174.4 and the total loss since the start of the process is 195. The flight to Disney World is one month from today (I need to figure out how I’m going to cover the eight month weigh in on that particular day) and suddenly that down-200-by-Disney goal is looking pretty good. Pretty doubtful I’ll get the since-surgery total to 200 by then, but we’ll keep on trying.

I have run for 30 minutes already, and I’ve had my morning vitamins and 16 ounces of water. Ever since Thursday’s epic failure I am really self conscious about hitting those goals. I don’t want to miss them again… ever. I’m waiting 15 minutes after the last drink before eating anything, but I am going to go upstairs and make myself some scrambled eggs again. We’re planning to leave for Vermont by about 11:00, which should get us there wicked early, but that’s okay. Better crazy early than a smidge late, right? I just need to decide if I want to bring a digital camera or a film camera or (most likely, because I am out of my skull with crazy) both. Yeah… both.

*I used the word occasion twice in this sentence and spelled it wrong each time. Also, I spelled it differently both times. I guess I just suck at spelling the word occasion, right?

Week 30 Weigh In

So close. So close to having milestones in every category that my stats obsessed brain looks at. I mean, so close.

Hello and welcome to the week 30 weigh in. Wednesday is weigh in day and today is Wednesday. Are you ready?

I am down 3.6 pounds. That’s fantastic. I am very happy with this week’s results. The app our bluetooth scale works with didn’t capture my weight this time. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I had to add it to my iPhone’s Health app manually, like the old days and when I say old days I mean like three weeks ago. I did not move the 10’s column for my total weight, but I came ridiculously close. My weight this morning was exactly 260 pounds. Come on! 1/10th of a pound lower and I would have flipped that six to a five. Oh well. We’ll have an early weigh in this week as Sunday is the monthiversary, and hopefully (barring any catastrophes) I should be in the two-fifties by then. Fingers crossed.

Everything else hit a milestone. My BMI dropped below 32. It is 31.6. 1.7 points away from not being obese anymore, in the BMI sense. My weight loss since the surgery moved the 10’s column and reached 171.4 pounds. My weight loss since the first weigh in also flipped the 10’s column to hit 192 pounds on the nose. Two items of note here. One “bad” one good. First the “bad.” I used the quotes because it’s not actually bad at all, it’s just a sort of warning. When I was going through the pre-surgery process I was told I could expect to lose a certain percentage of my excess weight. They gave me a range between blah and blahblah. When I calculated it out it was between 130 and 170 pounds. Now that I have hit 170 pounds I feel like I am on borrowed weight-loss-time. That’s all. Not bad, just noteworthy. It might be time to slightly alter my expectations, even though I don’t really expect to suddenly stop losing weight, you know?

Now for the good note…….


Okay, so the next weigh in is Sunday December 4th. The numbers should be small, Robert. Don’t freak out. Next Wednesday will also be low numbers so don’t freak out then either, Robert. All weight loss is positive for now. The goal is to get to a healthy weight and you still have quite a ways to go before you get there. Keep up the good work.

Week 29 Weigh In

Hello my friends and loyal readers! Welcome to the official Week 29 Weigh In post!

It’s amazing how gun shy one less than impressive week has made me. It’s also amazing how stupidly unpredictable weight loss can be. Yesterday I stepped on the scale as soon as I got out of bed. I was down about two pounds since last Wednesday. I did not record my weight, I was just paranoid about having a bad weigh in this week so I snuck a peek early to get a glimpse into the future. The number was good, but not spectacular.

I did it again today, but this time it’s official. I got out of bed and stepped on the scale and I am down 4.2 pounds for the week. Wow! That means I lost about two pounds yesterday. How ridiculous is that? Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. It’s just that losing two pounds yesterday implies that I could gain two pounds today. I need to stop stressing about this and just go back to one scale moment each week.

We’re in a state these days where three pounds a week feels epic. Now we hit four pounds and it’s like, Wow! I now weigh 263.6 pounds which seven months ago was absolutely unimaginable. I have lost 167.8 pounds since the surgery on May 4, 2022. I have lost 188.4 pounds since the first visit to the clinic on January 19, 2022. My BMI is down 0.5 points this week to 32.1. Like I said, ridiculous.

I was thinking of a sort of mini goal of seeing if I could hit 200 pounds overall by the time we go to Disney World on January 4, 2023. That’s only 11.6 more pounds. That’s an average of less than two pounds per week for six more weeks. That’s doable, but the real goal should be hitting 200 pounds by the anniversary of the first weigh in. That date is eight weeks from tomorrow. If I somehow manage to average 4.025 pounds per week for those eight weeks then I could hit 200 pounds since the surgery by that date. I’m not holding my breath on that though. Four pounds per week is not happening, despite hitting four pounds this week. We’ll see how close I can get.

My exercise routine got weird yesterday and it continued to today. I stopped at 30 minutes because my pace was all screwed up. The first mile was faster than eight minutes. I kept the pace consistent and the second mile pace was almost 20 minutes. It wasn’t that extreme today but it was just as dumb. I stopped at 30 minutes again, then watched the second half of Andor while eating breakfast and then ran for another 30 minutes. Same thing happened, but the two trots-in-place were enough to close my Move ring (calorie count) so I’ll take it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Back in the pre-surgery diet days that would make tomorrow a massive cheat day. Not this time. Those days are over. I am going to have about four ounces of food and that’s it. Last night I had more than that for dinner because I was WAY behind on my protein goal and it made me sick. It wasn’t due to a mistake like eating too fast or not chewing enough (which are my two common mistakes), it was just because I was completely full and my new little stomach didn’t like that. So I am cutting myself off despite the holiday. Four ounces is all you get, Robert.

That doesn’t change the fact that Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year though. I just love it. Food or no food. It’s almost time to punch into work, and the day before Thanksgiving is traditionally the slowest, most agonizing day of the year… so duck and cover, kids. Good luck to you all, and may you all have a happy Wednesday is Weigh In Day today.

Week 28 Weigh In

Right then, after last week’s disappointment, things are better this week. Happy Wednesday weigh in day, everyone. Last week’s five day check in was only 0.4 pounds and while it was positive movement, it was also significantly smaller than every other Wednesday weigh in and it upset me even though it shouldn’t have. Today, one week later, we’re down 3.4 pounds and hot damn does that feel good.

The totals won’t hit any milestones for a few weeks, probably, assuming I stay at a happy weight loss pace. The total lost since surgery actually hit a milestone last week, despite the tiny result. I’m up to 163.6. The total weight loss since the first check in is at an astronomical 184.2. I’m only 15.8 pounds away from the unthinkable 200 pounds. Can I still get there by our January 4th Disney World trip? That is seven weeks away. Can I average 2.26 pounds per week for seven weeks? That would be amazing, but after last week I am not holding my breath and I have no expectations anymore. Just move in the right direction. As for BMI, I am still obese, by definition at least, at 32.6. Just inching closer to that magic moment when I drop below 30 and my status changes from obese to overweight. That will be a pretty groovy day, don’t you think?

Okay folks, it’s time to go make myself some breakfast. Scrambled eggs anyone?

Week 27 – Worst Weigh In Ever

Everything has sucked this morning. Almost everything. The election in Massachusetts went well, as if there had been any doubt. Today’s new episode of Star Wars Andor was absolutely fucking amazing. Kenneth Branagh in Henry V. That nazi piece of filth Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Now add Andy effin’ Serkis to the list of amazing inspirational speeches before a battle, fictional or historical fictional or otherwise. Holy shit that episode was giving me chills, and I am secure enough in my masculinity to say that I may have teared up a little. Damn!

Star Wars not withstanding, everything else has sucked today. I have said the last few weeks that I was waiting for a weigh in that leveled off. It came today. I am down, but only 0.4 pounds. It’s only been five days since the last weigh in so I should really get over myself and take it as the plus that I know it is, but for some reason it just pissed me off. I have been feeling like I was slipping into a really shitty bad mood for the last day or so and seeing the scale pushed me over the bad mood edge. It’s completely irrational but it’s true.

Exercise made it worse. For the last few days I’ve been running in place and going five miles in about 42 minutes. Today the same exercise needed 60 minutes to hit five miles. Why? My first mile pace was normal. The second was a little slower than normal. I don’t know why. The third was normal. The fourth was double normal. The fifth was also double normal. What the fuck?

So now here I am in a full blown shitty headspace. Maybe I’ll just watch Andor again and see if it helps.

Addendum: I should also add that another reason I was falling into a pissy mood was this blog had the worst day stats-wise that it has had in over four years. I had less than a fifth of my normal hits. That shouldn’t effect my mood at all because this page is completely and totally pointless, but it did so there you go.

Six Month Weigh In

Six months ago today I had my stomach and my intestines chopped up and rewired. Since then I have lost a little bit of weight. I did my weekly weigh in two days ago and I expected today’s monthly weigh in to be seriously underwhelming. Possibly so underwhelming that I wouldn’t report it to the universe in this way.

I was wrong. In two days I have lost 1.8 pounds. Back in the weight watchers (WW) days I would have been thrilled to lose 1.8 pounds in a week. That much in two days though? To quote the brilliant Pam Poovey, “holy shit snacks!”

The BMI is down to 33.1 from 33.3. The loss since the surgery is at 159.8. Sooooo close to 160. The loss since the first check in is now at 180.4 pounds. When people ask I can honestly say that I have lost ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS.


The next weigh in is Wednesday, five days from now. Until then, happy exercising and only eating 80 grams of protein a day.

We Didn’t Win

The bad news is we didn’t win 1.2 billion dollars in the Powerball lottery last night. The good news is no one else did either. I guess we just have to wait until Saturday for all of our financial fantasies to start coming true. That’s fine with me.

I weighed in yesterday morning, as usual for Wednesdays. I said I was going to weigh in on Friday (tomorrow) as well, as usually for the 4th of each month. Why then did I weigh in today as well?

Jen has this really cool Bluetooth enabled scale. She steps on the scale and it sends the result to an app on her iPhone, which then calculates a bunch of values including BMI, and then updates the Apple Health app. When all of this surgical fun started I had to buy a second scale because the groovy Bluetooth scale didn’t read anything above 350 pounds and I was over 450. I bought a scale that went up to 500 and I’ve used it ever since. Yesterday after I stepped on my scale, Jen asked me why I am not using the groovy Bluetooth scale. I didn’t have an answer.

Last night before bed I setup the app on my iPhone and used Jen’s scale for the first time. It told me I was up 0.8 pounds. Nope. No thank you. This morning when I woke up I stepped on the scale right away, which is how I do things on Wednesdays. It had me down 0.4 from my official weigh in yesterday. That’s better. From this point on, I am using the groovy Bluetooth scale. Tomorrow I will step on the scale again to celebrate the monthiversary and I will use that number to update my spreadsheet. Today’s number will not go on the spreadsheet. Today’s number is unofficial. This is the way. I have spoken.

While doing my morning trotting in place today I finished the forth and final Pierce Brosnan Bond movie, Die Another Day. It’s not awful, but it did feel a little too… Austin Powers-ish for comfort. The good news is, the next movie in line is Casino Royale, and that’s the single best non-Sean Connery Bond movie that exists. I’ll start that one at some point tonight and hopefully finish it in the morning. The Daniel Craig era is imminent.

My father is in the hospital. He went to the ER yesterday and was admitted last night. I don’t have any news. I’m seriously worried about him even though the rational part of me knows he’s going to be fine. My brother and sister were with him yesterday and will be with him today. If he’s still in the hospital tomorrow I’ll take over. I just let my boss know that I might need to be out. I should be all set. Now I just need some news, and I need to stop worrying.

For now though, back to work with you!

Week 26 Weigh In

For the second week in a row I was worried that my great big increase in my protein goal which resulted in a great big increase in food intake would lead to an underwhelming loss this week, or maybe even a gain. I was seriously nervy when I stepped on the scale this morning.

Nope, I lost almost as much this week as last week. I am down 4.6 pounds, which brings me to 273.4. Epic.

No weight loss milestones this week, but I’m nearly in position to hit a few next week, assuming this pace continues. Total weight loss since surgery is now 158 pounds exactly. Total weight loss since the first check in at the clinic is now 178.6. My BMI has dropped from 33.8 last week to 33.3 today.

I guess my change in exercise helped out this week. I have gone from ~45 minutes of walking, or a walk/jog hybrid, to jogging in place for ~40 minutes. For the second day in a row my exercise and calorie goals (as set on my Apple Watch, not by a doctor) were both closed before I started my work day. That’s ridiculous.

This is just me speculating right now, it’s not anything like a goal or anything. We are scheduled to leave for Disney World on January 4th. I am 21.4 pounds away from hitting the 200 mark since the first weigh in. Am I going to be able to hit 200 pounds by Disney? I’m exactly 42 pounds away from 200 since the surgery. I don’t see that happening, but the trip starts 10 weeks from today. If I average four pounds a week… it maybe could happen. Holy shit!

The next weigh in will be the six month weigh in on Friday 11/4. I don’t expect to be down four pounds again, but if I am down anything at all, 0.01 pounds even, then I will consider it a successful two days. Maybe I’ll do an extra 40 minute run tonight, just for fun. Or more accurately, just for “fun”.

Week 25 Weigh In

Was this morning’s weigh in good?

Oh yeah, this morning’s weigh in was good.

I’ve been doing this for almost six months and I am still losing weight like crazy. Today gave me another five pounds. Five. Pounds.

Milestones galore, babie. The 10’s columns all changed. Like… all of them. I went from 283 pounds to 278 pounds. I weigh less than 280 pounds for the first time since… infancy? Something like that. Seems that way, at least. The amount lost since the surgery has topped 150 pounds, coming in at 153.4. The total lost since January has topped a colossal 170 pounds, reaching exactly 174 pounds.

One hundred seventy-four pounds. My brain might literally explode. That would increase the total weight loss by about three pounds, but I don’t think I want to lose those particular pounds.

My BMI has dropped from 34.4 to 33.8. That means I am 3.8 away from not being obese anymore. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I thought that having a week or so where I am trying to increase my daily protein intake by 20 grams a day might have some effect on my weight loss for the week, but nope. Things went well this week. I am pretty stoked. I have to admit that I did step on the scale once over the weekend. I really wanted to see if I went below 280. I was at 280.4 or something like that. I didn’t mark it down, but I did break my only-weigh-myself-once-a-week pledge. I figured it was okay. I just don’t want to make a habit out of it, you know?

Happy week 25. Next Wednesday marks week 26, and two days later will mark Six months. Should I weigh in on both days? Should I only mark the month? Should I not mark the month and only mark the week? We’ll see.

Week 24 Weigh In

At my check in yesterday it was suggested that my daily protein goal should not be 60 grams, it should be 80. Ironically, on Monday night I actually hit 80 grams without trying. Last night I needed to push it a little to get there, but I did. That plus the scale at the clinic being much higher than last week’s weigh in had me nervous. Would week 24 be the first week that did not show a weight loss? Might the increased diet lead me to actually gaining weight this week?


Today’s weigh in is down 4.2 pounds. Sigh of relief. My current weight is 283 pounds on the dot. My doctor asked me yesterday if I have a goal. I said my first goal was to get below 400 pounds. Then when I did that my goal became getting under 300 pounds. I’ve done that too. Now? I think it might be BMI related (down from 35 to 34.4 this week). In order to get to a healthy BMI I need to drop to about 190 pounds. I think that might be the goal. I have less than 100 pounds to go. The losses are going to level out at some point. The doctor suggested it’s probably already started. Getting to 190 is going to be harder than getting below 300 was, but it’s something to shoot for.

Speaking of BMI, I had a moment of duh last week. Somehow I got it into my head that the point that separates “overweight” from “obese” was a BMI value of 35. I was really excited to be able to say that I was no longer obese. Nope. Duh. The border between the two labels is actually 30, not 35. We’ll get there.

No milestones this week as far as the totals are concerned. My weight loss since surgery is 148.4 and the total since the first office visit is 169. If I do well this coming week we could have a lot of 10’s column changes next Wednesday. Milestones galore.