Surprised Myself

Hello and welcome to the seventh weekiversary of my weight loss surgery. It’s Wednesday and that means it’s weigh in day.

I stepped on the scale today, hoping for a 2-3 pound drop and fantasizing about a 4-5 pound drop, but not thinking that was in the realm of possibility. In Weight Watchers terms (That’s WW now) an average of 0.5 pounds per week is considered spot on perfect. I have been eating more this week than before, and I have snuck in after dinner snacks a few times. The progress should be slowing as a result.

I was down 7.2 pounds. Holy shit snacks. Seven pounds? I am a couple of hours removed from actually stepping on the scale at this point and I’m already wondering if the scale was wrong, or did I read it wrong (I absolutely did not), or if I step on it again would it be significantly different?

I have a spreadsheet that I use to track my weekly weigh ins. It has a column for week to week change, and two fields for total. One total is the weight loss since the last pre-surgery weigh in and the other is the total since the first weigh in. They are 64 and 84 pounds. I say again, holy shit snacks. I also added a column for BMI today. My BMI has dropped 10.3 points since the first weigh in.


The Moment of Truth is Upon Me (gulp)

Okay… it’s Saturday morning. I’m awake. I’m dressed. I’m ready to go weigh in.

Let’s just hope that if I’ve gained weight over the last five weeks I haven’t gained much. I don’t mind having to re-cover a little bit of ground. I just don’t want to have to re-cover a lot. Know what I mean?

Fingers crossed. Seeing as I’m such a content whore, I’ll probably be posting again within the next hour. Hoping for, if not good, not too terribly bad news.

I am Going to Weigh In Tomorrow

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a weight watchers meeting and weighed in.  It’s been over a month now.  The last weigh in was on December 13th.

Tomorrow will mark week number 20. I’ll admit it, I’m nervous. I’m afraid that in the two weeks that I was off the wagon I did so much damage that all of the progress I made leading up to that wonderful 37.6 number will have been erased, and two weeks of being better but not great will not have shown any results.

It’s not about numbers. I keep saying that, and I honestly believe it. It’s just that the meaningless number I saw on December 13th was a really good meaningless number. I don’t want that meaningless number to be lower tomorrow.

It’ll be okay. Even if the number is down to zero, it will be okay. I will lose weight. I will be healthier. I will reduce my risk of having a heart attack. The number isn’t important. How I feel is important.

Weight Watchers Weigh In Results

Holy crap guys, trimming my finger nails worked!

I was down a whopping 4.6 pounds for a total of 37.6. I did not see that coming at all! I mean we had sub shop take out dinners twice this week. Twice! I will say though that for most of the week I was just too damn busy to eat. Even on my Thursday telecommute day, the calls and emails just kept coming all day and I didn’t have time to over do it at lunch. Then yesterday I probably lost 2 pounds due to all of the exercise walking back and forth from my desk to my boss’ office.

My goal for December is still very much to not lose any ground due to holiday feasting. I just want to stay level if I can. This weigh in though. I’m really surprised. I’ll probably be up next week, but for now? WOOHOO!!

Weight Watchers Weigh In

We just came home from our weigh in. After being sick for most of the week and being in a state of constant hungry horror, I was down 0.4 pounds for an eight week total of 28 pounds. I was afraid I’d be up this week, so I am happy.

Hopefully the cold will be gone next week and I’ll be able to get myself exercising again, and that should help me drop a little more. For now I am 0.4 pounds closer to being skinny. (hehe)

Jen didn’t check in last week because she was too sick to go. Today, she was down 1.2 pounds! Awesome work, Jen!