Two Pics

This post is basically meaningless. I took two pictures with my new camera that I kinda like and I’m just sharing them. This morning I had to go out to the drugstore before work. I stopped at a liquor store that’s right on the state line (I think it’s on the New Hampshire side, but who knows) and took a picture of their wall, which happens to be painted like The Green Monster. Fitting, as the NHL Winter Classic is going to be played in front of the real Green Monster on Tuesday.


The other picture was taken last night before everything went sideways. It’s yet another spinning vinyl record pic. I’ve done this with my DSLR, at least one of the film SLRs, and now with the new mirrorless. The spinning record is Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. I think there might be something wrong with the turn table’s motor because the record was spinning too fast. We’ll see.


I like this, but I gots to get me a full frame lens as the 10 megapixel crop is going to get to me eventually. Not complaining, I really like how this looks regardless of the resolution, I just want to use the whole image, you know?

It’s going to be a weird day. I’ve never had to deal with losing a pet before. Well, I did once but I was probably four years old or so. Fluffy getting hit by a car on route 38 doesn’t really count in this case.