I took my little Nikon film camera with me to visit my mother. The idea being if Waze took me home through downtown Andover I would stop and take a pic or two. Waze did not take me home through downtown Andover but it did almost kill me. Well, the schmuck who tried to pull out of the breakdown lane without getting a running start almost killed me. The camera was on the front seat and slamming on the breaks to avoid death hurled it off the seat and onto the floor.

So I was sitting here, in the living room, in between episodes of Stranger Things, and Patches was just sitting there on the floor watching me. I took a pic with my phone and then tried to take a pic with the film camera. You know, just to make sure it still works after the trauma of the car ride.

Just as I was about to hit the shutter button Patches stood up and started walking. The shutter speed was pretty slow so I was pretty sure the images was going to be a little blurry. The first thing I did after hearing the click of the shutter was look at the back of the camera… which is where the display would have shown the image if I had taken it with a digital camera… instead of taking it with a film camera, which I did.

I am such a tool.