I went to the post office at lunch today and dropped all of the vacation film into the mail.

It’s on the way to you, oh film developing lab.

May the post man speed you to your destination, oh package full of film rolls, and may the developing process be successful, and may the images all come out okay and prove that I am not incompetent and terrible.

Aye, man.

Back to Reality

Oh boy, is this a bummer.

It’s Monday. Vacation is over. It is time to get back to the week day routine. Crud.

I tried very hard to close all three of my activity rings over the course of the vacation. Unfortunately, on Thursday, our last park day, I hit a level of exhaustion that I don’t think I’ve ever hit before. I lost the ability to focus my eyes. It was scary. My stand and exercise rings were closed, but my activity (calorie) ring had quite a ways to go. It couldn’t be helped. I was thinking I was at the start of another migraine so I got into bed, buried my eyes under the pillow, and went to sleep with my third ring still open.

My success streak had come to an end, and over the next two days we were going to be in the car all day. I made the choice to just not worry about it until we got home. Then when we got home I was so out of sorts that I decided to take the weekend off too. Well, the weekend is over. It’s 6:48am and my exercise ring is closed. I jogged (pronounced “yog”, with a soft “J”) in place for 31.5 minutes which closed the exercise ring and 64% of the move ring. I plan to start lifting the hand weights a little again today too. I fell off that wagon months ago and it’s time to start that up again.

A couple of other points on this random Monday morning. Last night I watched the first episode of The Last of Us and HOLY CRAP was that good. So good. I am absolutely riveted. I never played the game so all I know of the story is from the trailer, but that was enough to know that the first half hour of the show was leading us directly to something gut wrenching and boy did it ever. I am so psyched for episode two next week. I am going to find every podcast covering the show that I can and queue them all up today. I am 100% on board with the hype.

I placed an order with the film lab I’ve been using, Old School Photo Lab in Dover, NH, on Saturday but I haven’t had a chance to drop the film in the mail yet. I was thinking of doing it this morning, but we got a little snow last night and I just don’t want to deal with it. Tomorrow will probably see me starting my work day super early, so maybe at lunch time tomorrow? Maybe at lunch today if the ice from last night melts a little. I haven’t checked the forecast yet. We’ll see. I have six rolls from Disney World and I want to see how they came out. I also have two rolls of black and white from around christmas that are going too. Once all of that is back I am going to slow down on the film for a while. I have a roll in progress in Dad’s camera that I would like to finish, and a roll in my camera that I haven’t taken the first shot with. That roll is going to sit there for a few months, I think. Once Dad’s roll is done I will take a couple of months off again.

Okay, it’s almost 7:00am. Time to go upstairs and start the day for real. My two week vacation is over. Pity me.

Epcot on Film

I took a bunch of film pics on our first Epcot stop last week. I didn’t get the huge golf ball thing though.

I’ve made up for it today and the some. Sorry about that.

I watched a King Jvpes video yesterday where he suggested setting the ISO one stop too low if you’re using Fuji Superia. He said the colors will pop in a cool way. Five minutes prior to hearing him say that I had loaded a fresh roll of Fuji Superia. So I am trying it out. Oh look, something new to obsess over! Wheeeeeee!!

More Fun with Editing

I played around with another not-so-good looking film pic today. This time I used Gimp instead of Lightroom Mobile, and I only used auto functions.

What do you think? This is the scan from CVS…

This is what Gimp’s auto color functions did to it…

As with yesterday, still not great but it looks a little more accurate now. I tried editing things manually and after a few minutes it looked sort of like a cartoon. Shows you what I know, right?

Fun with Editing

I don’t have a clue how to properly edit photos. Not a single clue. I’ve been messing around with Lightroom on my iPad though and thought I’d post something for shits and giggles.

This picture was taken in my first roll of film and developed at a drugstore.

Once I got past the glee of seeing my first film shots it occurred to me that this kinda looks like moldy shit. Was it me? Was it the film? Was it the developing? Was it the scan? I didn’t know.

Here is a similar picture taken with my DSLR.

The colors here look accurate while the colors on the film pic look like two day old diarrhea. I tried messing with the film image in Lightroom to see if I could fix things a little.

I think it’s better but still not right. I also don’t really know what I did to get here.

What does all this mean? It means I don’t have a clue, but I want to do more. It also means I’m not getting film developed at the drug store anymore because none of the film developed and scanned by Old School Film Labs looks this crappy.

We will see how the first black and white shots come out. Hopefully soon. Fingers crossed for happy results.

The Oil Light is Off… For Now?

I took the car back to Valvoline today to see if they might have messed something up on yesterday’s oil change. They said everything looked okay but they drained and refilled it anyway. My cynical side wonders if that means they did find something but didn’t want to tell me. Probably not.

The oil pressure light was off when I started the car but I expected that. We had been driving around looking at lights for quite a while before it popped on last night and the engine was nice and hot, whereas this morning it was bellow freezing. I drove around for a while after leaving the shop just to see if warming it up would trip the light again. It did not. Is the car clear to give to Bellana? No clue, but we’ll do it and see what happens.

I made a couple of stops along the way. I stopped at the Spicket dam and took some film pics. I also stopped at St Mary’s Cemetery and took a few more. I might have actually been in Bellevue Cemetery though. I’m not sure where one ends and the other starts. I also stopped at Goodwill and dropped off a bag of jackets. The winter jacket I replaced the other day was in the bag. The leather jacket Jen bought me for Christmas in 2007 that I still wore all the time even though it was pretty ratty and the lining was falling apart was in the bag as well. I was sad to let that one go. The sentimental value of a gift from our first christmas together is very high, but I asked her if I should donate it or keep it and she voted for donate, so off it went.

As for fun with film, I took my camera and Dad’s 50mm lens. I want to bring that pairing to Disney but I feel I need to test it a lot first. I learned quite a bit today. First, the viewfinder gets REALLY dim when the aperture is small. I started at f5.6 and it was okay. I bumped it up to f11 at one point and I could barely see anything. I took to opening it all the way, f2, to focus, then closing it down to take the photo. That brings up the second issue: Focusing is a royal bitch. That’s a problem with manual lenses on all cameras, but it seemed especially difficult for me today. I hope I got things right, but it was a bit of a struggle for my old-person-eyes. Speaking of old person eyes, I can barely read the light meter on that camera. Dad’s camera has an arrow that moves around as you change the shutter speed or the aperture. When it points to the middle of the meter you’re good. My camera has an arrow that points to the shutter speed you need to use based on the aperture setting. It’s almost impossible for me to read the values. My eyes just don’t want to make it out, and it’s worse when the viewfinder dims. I eventually switched to the Auto setting, which is just Aperture Priority. I am thinking that’s what I’ll do at Disney. My manual film camera suddenly isn’t as appealing in full manual. It’s cool though, I can still go manual like crazy with the DSLR.

I did not finish the roll of film in the camera, so I will need to take it out again before I can send it out for developing. I think I have eight or nine shots left. It’s hard to tell exactly. Maybe the cat will come out and say hello and I’ll sneak in another pic of two.

I also had my digital point and shoot with me so here are some driving around picture. Enjoy!

The Clock
I never even noticed this place before. Is it really ye olde town hall, or was Broadway (route 28) just formerly known as Town Hall Place? Whatever, it’s photo a day 109/365.
The glory and grandeur that is the Nevins Library.
Stop Light Theater: Red Edition
Stop Light Theater: Green Edition
This liquor store wall will eventually end up on film. I promise.
Salem, NH’s great big honkin’ flag.

And that, friends is the story of the oil light. I hope you enjoyed your stay today. Come back any time.