Best Buy installed our washer/dryer in 2020. They came back yesterday to fix the dryer I broke. They wouldn’t hook up the washer though. They complained about the pipes.

So job #1 today was reconnecting everything. There are actually two washers. The main one and the little tiny quickly one it sits on. When I unhooked it I undid two outflow pipes and two inflow lines. The inflow lines each go through a splitter to the two machines but I left those in place.

When I started it today there were two splitters on the hot water line.


Where the hell did that come from. I swear it wasn’t there when I took this apart. Did Beat Buy put it there yesterday for some unfathomable reason? They must have.

I took it off, put everything back where it needed to be, and ran a quick test load on the main machine.

It worked. Also, more importantly, nothing leaked.

Bucket… just in case.
I have no clue.