Tone Controls

I took the cat’s advice and played my new guitar.

I messed with my little recording nook pedal board a little. I took out the Wampler Plexi Drive Mini for the Chicago Stompworks Mr Vermin Rat clone.

I didn’t record anything. I just played. Loud. Jen and Harry had to step out for a minute and I took the opportunity to see if I could get the little Vox AC15 amp up to band practice volume.

Normal channel… master volume on about five… channel volume up to about seven… 106 decibels. sweet.

Note the tone control on the AC15’s normal channel is wired backwards. I knew that and I set the amp appropriately. Why then was my sound so super toppy?

Because the tone control on the Rat clone is also wired backward and while I thought I had it set super bassy it was actually set super trebly.


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