It’s All Here and it Works


Lunch time came and I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled a power cable off of another amplifier and took the new (used) Vox AC15 for a spin. Much to my surprise it actually works. Jen was still working so I didn’t test the volume, but I did play it clean with the master volume and the channel volume low, and I played it dirty with the master volume WAY down and the channel volume cranked. I can still smell the tubes cooking. Nice.

Fortunately, while I was noodling UPS came with the missing power cable. The amp was eight days late. The cable was nine. It’s here though. My ES-335 is feeling like it might need some new strings. Other than that I think I’m ready to record some guitar tonight.

I should note that I still haven’t actually plugged in the new power cable yet. Am I counting my chickens before they hatch? Probably. Oh well. I’m sick of this shit. It’s over. Let’s boogie.

The Amp is Here… Mostly

My new (used) amp was delivered today. It was eight days late, but it’s here…. sort of.

It’s hard to tell with a closed back cabinet, but it looks like the vacuum tubes survived the ordeal. Do they work? That’s the question.

Why is that still a question, you ask?

Because guitar center failed to include a power cable in the shipment.

There will probably be a post discussing the power cable situation but (spoiler) I need to calm down first.

I’ll Stop Bitching About UPS

  • June 22, 2020
    • Out for Delivery, estimate 6/22 by 9:00PM
  • June 23, 2020
    • Out for Delivery, estimate 6/23 by 9:00PM
  • June 24, 2020
    • In Transit to Chelmsford
    • Most recent activity: Delivery will be delayed by one business day.
    • Come back later for estimated delivery date.

In other words, they haven’t a clue where my package is. Okay. From now on I will reserve all of my bitching about this subject for phone calls to UPS customer service. You folks won’t have to listen to me anymore.

Denied… Again

I heard a sound outside. It sounded like a large vehicle. I looked out the window. There was a UPS truck driving away.

Oh happiness! My amplifier!

I went outside. There was a package. It was large. It weighted about five pounds. What? The amp weighs over 40 pounds.

Crud. It’s not my amp.


UPS hasn’t come with my amplifier yet. The tracking number still says Out for Delivery, but the delivery date now says the 23rd. Tomorrow.


Home Recording Rig Changes

I spent my lunch break moving stuff around. The Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 is way too loud to play at home with other people in the house. At the last gig, back on Feb 1st, it was EPIC. At home it’s just too much. For the last 2 months it’s been used as a table to hold my Bassbreaker 15 which has been the only amp I’ve used since RPM ended on Feb 29.

I brought the 18/30 down cellar and stored it off the floor as we’ve had some moisture issues. It should be safe. At the moment, the 15 is sitting alone in my music nook in my bedroom.


However, changes will continue. The Vox AC15 is on a UPS Brownie and it is scheduled to be delivered by 9:00PM.

I don’t want to wait until 9:00. I want it now. NOW!


Ugh… patience, Robert. Patience.

Screw that, I WANT IT NOW!

The Trigger Has Been Pulled

I just pulled the trigger on a used Vox AC15. It will be delivered to my house but it’s coming from California. I’m guessing the delivery will take about two years, and when it gets here the vacuum tubes will be nothing but a pile of glass dust at the bottom of the cabinet.


It’s Still There

The used Vox AC15 I was checking out the other day is still available. I told myself it was still there on Tuesday morning I was going to pull the trigger.

That Pedal Show did a whole episode on the AC15. I forgot about this one. The used an OCD pedal…. this was pre-racist rant. I’m not using mine anymore. Likely ever.

15 Watt 1X12 Tube Amps

I’ve watched this video a bunch of times and I was watching it tonight because I couldn’t fall asleep.

They compare three 15 watt combo amps with a single 12 inch speaker: Fender Blues Junior, Vox AC15, and Fender Bassbreaker 15. I have a Bassbreaker 15 and it’s currently my #1 amp for playing at home. I mentioned earlier that I’m on the verge of talking myself into buying an AC15 too. I want to run the two amps together and if I can get enough volume out of the combination they might turn into my gigging rig (assuming the Coronavirus ever allows us to play gigs again).

Just posting the video (I bet I’ve posted this one before) to try and psyche myself into buying the Vox. That’s all.

It’s 11:30. I think I’ll be able to sleep now. Goodnight, everyone!