I Want Another Kitty

We adopted Ms Patches in October 2010. Her name was Panache then. It took a little while for her to get used to the house. That’s okay. We had just moved in and it was taking us a little while to get used to it too.

Later, in April of 2014 we adopted a second cat. Sabrina.


It ended very badly. We tried hard to keep the two cats separate from each other until they could get used to having the other around. We failed. We hid Sabrina in Bellana’s room. Patches would guard the door so we couldn’t get in and out of the room without her trying to get in.

On one of the first days, Patches and Sabrina came face to face and immediately hissed at each other. It was bad. After that it got worse. We made the decision to take Sabrina back to the shelter when Patches started running full speed, head first into the bedroom door. I guess she was trying to break the door down. She would hiss the whole time. She wanted to hurt Sabrina and she was going to hurt herself in the attempt. We couldn’t have that. Patches is family. Sabrina went back. It was very sad.

The kids have a new kitten at their Dad’s house. One of my co-workers just adopted a kitten too. I’m jealous. I want a second cat. By no means do I want to get rid of Patches, I just want another one.

Last time we had two females, and Patches was maybe six years old or so. I don’t remember how old Sabrina was, but she wasn’t a kitten. She was probably two or three. Patches is 12-13 now. She’s much mellower than she was in her crazy youth. Maybe if we got a kitten… a male kitten. Maybe she wouldn’t see it as a threat. Maybe she’d see it as family.

I don’t know cat psychology.

I just want a second cat.

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