Happy Quarantinaversary

Is this a thing now? Monthly quarantine anniversary posts?

Three months ago today was the day after my company told us not to come back to the office.

It’s normal now. We’ve reached the point where going back to the office is the strange thing. The previous 15 years worth of normal has become the scary unknown.

It’s not just work. Going to the store, visiting friends and family. It’s all scary now. It’s all freaky and weird.

Three months down, and we are expecting probably another three months at least. It depends on this “second wave” of course. For all the people who are seeing the states with infection counts climbing who are thinking this is the start of the second wave, you are wrong. The first wave never ended. Our selfish, disgusting neighbors just told themselves it did so that they could force other people to open their stores and restaurants and gyms and hair salons and service them. No, the first wave is still going.

Two million Americans infected. 115,000 Americans dead. Sure, let’s reopen all of the businesses.

Happy Quarantinaversary, everyone. Yippee.

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