Upgraded Again

Jen brought a whole bunch of stuff over to the conference call nook and upgraded it again.

233/365 - The updated conference call nook.

It needs one more change because the “o” key on that keyboard is wonky.  I’ll swap it out for the keyboard hidden off to the right at some point tonight.  I stole that headset from Jen because she wasn’t using it.  The postman just delivered another one.  Almost as soon as I stole it she decided she wanted it back but she was still nice enough to let me keep it.

I expect that I’ll be the one using this desk, but it’s just a laptop dock so Jen can use it if she needs it.  The kids too.  We’re all set up.

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I'm wicked tall.

One thought on “Upgraded Again

  1. This is neither here nor there, but I just wanted to say it’s gratifying that you’re actually using that mirror. Can’t wait to see it when we can actually be not-quite-as-socially-distant again!

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