Week Six

It’s Monday again.  Patriots Day for those of us in Massachusetts.  It should be Marathon Monday in Boston but nope.  We have completed five weeks of our working from home lock down.  Today begins week six.

Sleeping is weird.  I’m doing more laundry than I’ve ever done before.  We’re doing the dishes more often than I’ve ever done before.  We’re still making the bed every day, though the sheets are in the wash today so it’s not made right now.  The trash is going out more often than ever.  The house hasn’t been this clean for this long since we moved in almost 10 years ago.  We haven’t gone anywhere since week one.  We do sometimes leave the house and go for a drive still, though much less often than before, but we just drive around and then go home.  We don’t stop anywhere.

We’re leaning on instacart for groceries and amazon for everything else.  We haven’t used amazon much because we’ve been insanely frugal.  Jen bought a new desk after week one, I bought window screens, she bought a new USB headset, and we’ve both bought bandannas to use for masks.  That’s it.  We haven’t bought books or movies or music or anything, I haven’t bought any guitar gear, she hasn’t bought any computer gear other than things needed directly for work.  We also haven’t been going out to eat at all, which under normal circumstances we do all the time.  We’re somehow managing to save a little money.  Unfortunately, the instacart bills are pretty high so that’s been eating into our available funds.

Last night I jokingly suggested to Jen that we do a Star Wars movie watch and run through them all.  To my shock she agreed.  Then to further my shock I asked her which movie she wanted to start with and she said to start at the beginning.  Episode One?  On purpose?  Amazing!

So how will week six go?  I’m guessing it will go fine, just like weeks one through five.  We just need to make sure the idiot in charge doesn’t ruin the progress we’ve made by letting his cult start going to Starbucks again.  Keep hanging in there.  Keep washing your hands.  Keep doing what socially awkward folks like me have always done and be socially distant.


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