Two Laptops

Another tweak to my working from home workspace. I now have both my personal laptop and my new work laptop plugged into Jen’s gigantic, mammoth monitor. I still need to move my USB hub between the two lappy’s when I want to switch, as well as change the input setting on the monitor itself, but now I can use this desk for personal stuff, like posting to the blog or binge watching The Flash on Netflix, without having to use my work machine. I’ve got an HDMI input for one machine and a display port for the other. I still have a mini display port input available. If I can get my mitts on an adapter to convert to USB-C I can have a dedicated input for my MacBook too. Oh what a technological marvel our world is.

Home Workspace Update

I had to go in to the office and swap my little desktop computer for a shiny new laptop. The guy in charge of the process was kind enough to bring the new box out to me so I didn’t have to go into the building. I did, however, have to drive an hour each way. Yikes!

I straightened out my desk a little. It definitely doesn’t meet my wife’s very high workspace standards, but it’s okay for me. The headset, mouse, keyboard, and GIGANTIC monitor are all Jen’s and I’m just using them during the lock down work from home zaniness. The closed laptop underneath the laptop stand is actually my pre-Covid work-from-home box. These days it’s my watching Netflix while doing my 30 minutes of exercise box. The iPad is not for work use. It’s for listening to music or podcasts (not books) and sometimes youtube streams (like when trump’s terrorist mob attacked the US Capital two days ago) while I work.

How long until I go back to the office? Who knows. Do I want to go back to the office? Nope.