Bonus Weigh In

The last time I wrote about stepping on the scale I said I was going to do this, but I was 90% kidding… and then I did it. I guess 10% serious was enough.

The last time I weighed myself and lost weight was the monthly check in on March 4th. I was down to 216 pounds even. The next two Wednesday weigh ins I was up. First one pound, then 1.4 pounds. I was not bothered by that. It was expected and not a big deal. The thing I was kidding about was that I would step on the scale every day and when (if?) I ever went below 216 I would mark it on my spreadsheet. Ha ha ha, right?

I think I weighed myself on Thursday. I don’t think I did it on Friday. I honestly can’t remember if I did it yesterday, Saturday, or not. This morning I did it and I was down to 215.6. Heh heh. The spreadsheet and the Health app on my iPhone have been updated. I’m down 2.8 since Wednesday, which probably means the scale was inaccurate somehow. I don’t care. My BMI is 26.2, my weight loss since surgery is 215.8 which means I have lost more weight since May 4, 2022 than I actually weigh, and my total since the first weigh in is 236.4.

And all was right with the world.

Week 45 Weigh In

I’m a day late for my Wednesday weigh in post. Do you think there’s a reason for that? Do ya? Betcha do.

Yeah, for the second week in a row I am up. Up 1.4 pounds to be exact. That means over the last two weeks I am up 2.4 pounds. Yeah, that sucks, but it’s also not a big deal. I knew it was coming. My weigh in yesterday was 218.4. I still love that number.

I weighed myself when I got up this morning and I was down from yesterday. I weighed myself again after finishing my workout and my morning constitutional (TMI) and I was down a little more. Two weeks ago I was at 216. Maybe I’ll check on it every day until I drop below 216 and update the spreadsheet then… because I am a content whore and I’m obsessed with watching the graphs I made on my spreadsheet trend down. You know how it is.

Yesterday was a bad day for feeling healthy as well. My lunch didn’t sit well, my shoveling from Tuesday night left my back and my neck and my shoulders and my arms in a ton of pain. To make matters worse, my Wednesday morning jog (yog) was 56 minutes long because I wanted my move (calorie) goal complete before I left for the office. All of that combined messed me up big time. To make matters worse, my dinner set my nausea off and it didn’t let up until just before I fell asleep. That means I didn’t have anything to eat last night after about 7:30 or so, and my empty stomach was hurting in a big way when I woke up. I’ve had breakfast and some water since then and I feel better, but my body is still sore and unhappy and I am expecting today to be a pretty crappy day.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong, and here’s hoping the scale stops going up. Am I right?

Week 42 Weigh In

It’s Wednesday and Wednesday is Weigh In Day. My gastric bypass surgery happened 42 weeks ago today. What’s the latest news? We’ll, I’ll tell ya.

It feels like things might be leveling off. I am still down this week, but for the second week in a row the loss isn’t that different than what I was seeing years ago when I was on Weight Watchers, or WW as it’s now known. About a pound a week. In the old days the hope was half a pound each week. Last week I was down 1.8 pounds. This week it’s 1.4. So better than the WW days, but not that much better. I have mentioned a few times this week that I have been eating a lot more since my mother went into the hospital at the end of January. I am trying to cut back a little but results have been slightly less than successful.

So I am down 1.4 pounds. I haven’t broken 220, but I am right on the edge. The scale read 220.6 this morning. So close. Hopefully next week that 10’s column will flip. There were milestones elsewhere though. My BMI went from 27 to 26.8, inching closer to the magical 25. My weight lost since the surgery flipped the 10’s column and hit 210.8. The total weight lost since the first weigh in flipped the 10’s column last week and now stands at 231.4. I suspect it will be a while before I flip the 10’s columns on the totals again. We’ll see. I have an appointment with my surgeon next week so I will be sure to ask what comes next as far as leveling off is concerned.

So that’s the latest on the weight loss front. Now I just have to get my ass in gear on the RPM Challenge stuff. So much to do and almost no time left to do it. This weekend needs to be uber productive. Fingers crossed.

Week 41 Weigh In

I am pleasantly surprised and rather pleased. I mentioned before that I have been eating a lot more than usual. I’ve been eating things that aren’t necessarily good for me too. I’ve been handling it all okay for the most part, though the couple of ounces of peanuts I tried to eat last night gave me the worst bought of nausea I’ve experienced since the start of this whole thing.

I expected minimal weight loss at best, and realistically with all the stress eating and difficulties of the last week I expected to gain a little weight. I did not. I lost 1.8 pounds, which under the circumstances feels like a ton. I now weight 222 even. My BMI dropped 0.2 points to 27 even. I’m inching closer to that mythical, magical 25 mark. My weight loss since the surgery is now at 209.4, and my weight loss since the first check in moved the 10’s column and reached 230.4.

At the wake Monday night I lost track of the number of times someone came through the receiving line and didn’t recognize me. While it was life affirming every single time, I also got a little tired of it. I get it, I am thinner. Can we focus on the topic at hand please? I don’t know. I felt guilty about feeling good about my health while my mother was 10 feet away in a casket.

On an unrelated note, I am watching the last few minutes of The Mandalorian season two, episode six. I just watched Boba Fett kick the crap out of a drop ship full of stormtroopers. If only the Book of Boba Fett season had followed suit. Oh well. I think I am going to include that show in my Mandalorian pre-season three prep binge anyway. It was good, it just wasn’t great. Except for the episodes with Mando and Baby Yoda, of course. Those episodes were stellar.

On another unrelated note, I took today off to recover from the wake and the funeral. It might be the best move I’ve ever made, career wise. I need a decompression day. Jen is working though so I am not going to play guitar through an amp all day. I am going to play guitar through an amp sim though. I have eight songs to put rhythm guitars on before I sleep tonight. I will get The RPM Challenge on track today, even if it kills me.

One Year (Sort Of) Weigh In

One year ago today I went to the weight loss clinic for the first time. I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment, I was just there to have some vitals taken. One of those vitals was my weight. That became my starting point for this whole crazy journey thing.

While that was one year ago today, I don’t really feel like it’s the appropriate date to use for the anniversary. I think the day I should really be using is May 4th, which is the day I actually went under the knife. I lost 20 pounds or so in the three plus months between that first check in and the surgery, and those 20 pounds are really important to me, but the point of all of this was the surgery and those three plus months and 20 pounds aren’t actually part of the surgery experience, you know what I mean? It’s all semantics, but little details like that are often important to my teeny tiny little brain.

So today is AN anniversary, but not really THE anniversary. It’s worthy of a bonus weigh in though. It also demonstrates why weighing in too often can lead to insanity. Yesterday was my regular weekly weigh in. I was down 2.4 pounds and that was lovely. I had a bad day food wise for the entire day so I didn’t eat much and I did stress a lot and I did manage to hit my exercise goals and all of that stuff. The result was that my weight is down 1.4 pounds since yesterday. 1.4 pounds in 24 hours. That’s ridiculous, right? I’ll probably have a perfectly normal day today and be up two pounds tomorrow. Fortunately I won’t be weighing in tomorrow.

BMI is down to 28.6 from yesterday’s 28.8. Total since surgery is now 196.4. I can practically taste 200. Given the date today, the important number for this post is the total weight loss over the last 365 days and it is a colossal 217 pounds on the nose. I know I’ve been the guy who actually lived through this first year of this… thing… but it is still almost impossible for me to wrap my brain around it. One year ago today I weighed 452 pounds and everything I did, every step, every breath, felt like it was going to be my last. Today I weigh 235 pounds and I literally feel alive again.

Who even am I?

Happy sort of Anniversary!

Week 37 Weigh In

Sorry this is a little late but the work day today has been insane. We’ve all been crazy busy. It’s almost 2:30 and I am just getting to break for lunch now. I woke up around 4:30am with stomach issues and they didn’t clear until after 8:00am. I was fine for a while, but they started coming back a little after noon. I am going to have myself a protein bar and see if that clears things up. Wish me luck.

As for the topic at hand, it is Wednesday and Wednesday is Weigh In Day. There was a wrinkle this week though and I almost skipped weighing in. Today is January 18, 2023. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my first weigh in at the weight loss clinic. I questioned whether I should weigh in today, tomorrow, or both. In the end I think I decided to do both. Why not, right? Tomorrow’s numbers won’t amount to much, but it will be fun to do anyway.

Today’s weigh in was pretty good. I am at 236.4 pounds. That is down 2.4 pounds from last week. If you recall, I was up 0.6 pounds last week, so today is down from the week before as well. It’s not a killer number, but it’s very good and I am quite pleased.

The total since the surgery on May 4th is creeping up closer to the magic number. I am at 195.0 pounds. That’s just a couple of good weeks away from historically amazing. The grand total since the first weigh in, one year ago tomorrow, sits at 215.6 pounds and I will never, ever stop being amazed by that. BMI moved the 10’s column again, dropping from 29.1 to 28.8. I think I am about 47 pounds away from dropping below 25, which will put me at a healthy BMI for the first time in my adult life. Maybe even the first time in my entire life. I am sort of feeling like reaching that goal is not going to happen now. Maybe I really am just big boned? Who knows.

Anyway, happy weigh in day. There will be another weigh in tomorrow… unless I’m up… then I might just pretend it didn’t happen. Ain’t I a stinker?

Week 36 Weigh In

Well folks, we knew it was going to happen eventually. Also, I’m not surprised that this is the week that it happened given the wackiness of the circumstances.

I weighed myself this morning and I am up 0.6 pounds.

I am perfectly okay with it. We’ve been on vacation for almost two weeks. My diet has been pretty chaotic. I’ve been having protein bars for two and sometimes three meals a day. My digestive system has no idea what’s hitting it.

Next week will be different, I am sure. Well… next week is going to include another day and a half in Disney and two, maybe two plus days of road trip… so maybe the week after next will be when things are back to normal.

And who knows, maybe I’ve just hit my max. Maybe we’re done losing weight now. Maybe 238.2 pounds from last week will go down in history as my lowest weight ever. Who knows, right? I’ve lost two hundred pounds in one year. It’s all gravy from here on out.

Happy week 36, everyone!

New Clothes

Today I went to two stores to buy new clothes. That in itself is kind of amazing. For years I’ve only been able to buy clothes from Casual Male XL, or whatever the hell they are called now. I call them Tall and Fat in honor of Rodney Dangerfield in the movie Back to School. That was the name of the store his character owned. Anyway, I bought clothes at a Kohl’s today and I can’t remember the last time I was able to find clothes that fit me at a normal department store. It’s kind of amazing.

I bought two pairs of jeans and a pair of khakis. The waist size is four inches smaller than the jeans I bought last month. They are also 12 inches smaller than pre-surgery. I never, ever would have dreamed that could happen. I’m very happy and very shocked. You’d think after shrinking for six months I’d no longer be surprised to see evidence that I am shrinking, but I am.

The waist size was one thing, but the shirts? I bought two collared shirts and three t-shirts. They are two sizes smaller than when I started. I was wearing 4XLT and today I bought 2XLT. What the freakin’ hell? Again, I never even dreamed I would buy a 2X again. Never in a million years.

Now I have to pack up all of the too-big-for-me clothing that I have in my bureau and donate them somewhere. Probably Goodwill again. I have a bunch of old 3X shirts that are still useable. I have a bunch of 4X shirts that are no longer useable. There are a couple of pairs of jeans that are too big but not terribly too big. I kept one pair of jeans from before the surgery because someday it’s going to be really friggin’ funny to put them on to see how much I’ve lost. That day has not arrived yet, but someday.

The Waiting Room

You should listen to the Genesis song called The Waiting Room while you read this post. Actually, maybe you shouldn’t. It’s an atonal noise-fest and it might scare you off. Listen to Firth of Fifth instead. It’s not related at all, it’s just magic.

My weight on the scale here was 291.6. About four pounds higher than last week’s weigh in at home. I blame my shoes and my wallet and my keys and my phone. Yup. They also said my blood pressure was a smidge low. We will have to keep an eye on that, I think.

Week 20 Weigh In

Line up that marching band, babie! Kick off that circus parade! Today is a gigantic day! A huge, massive, gigantic landmark of a freakin’ day!

It’s been 20 weeks since the surgery. I think today is the day that I am going to share just how much I actually weigh, and along with that I am going to share how much I weighed on day one. That number is huge. It’s embarrassing. We’re talking about someone who has been grossly overweight his entire life and never really been shy about the numbers, and this number is too high for me to have shared because it’s so embarrassing. So this post is going to be a big deal for me. I’m not doing it for anyone but me so please don’t comment or anything. Just let me stew in it, okay? Right.

Last week I said I was 4.2 pounds away from flipping down the hundreds column of my total weight. I think I also mentioned that waiting a whole week to step on the scale was going to be impossible and it was. I actually weighed myself on Sunday but didn’t update my records. I was 0.8 pounds away from flipping the hundred. Close but no cigar.

Last week I was 304.2 pounds. Today I am down to 297.4. That’s a drop of 6.8 glorious pounds, and the hundreds column has changed for the second time! I am so fucking insanely happy right now. Pardon the Eff-bomb, but it’s the only adjective that fits the feeling. I never thought I would be here again. Never. My whole adult life I have been over 300 pounds. This is a really big deal. A super big deal.

Now for the embarrassing part that will be topped off by a seriously exciting part. On January 19, 2022 when I walked into the weight loss clinic for the first time I weighed 452 pounds and my BMI was 55. On April 29, 2022 when I walked into the clinic for the last time before having the surgery on May 4th I weighed 431.4 pounds and my BMI was 52.5. Today I am 297.4 and my BMI is 36.2. That’s a drop of 154.6/134 pounds and 18.8/16.3 points. Are you kidding me? ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR POUNDS!

Prior to the surgery they gave me an estimate of the amount of weight I could reasonably expect to lose. It was between 130 and 170 pounds. I’m over 130 since the surgery so it’s safe to assume the leveling out will start at some point soon. I am nowhere close to being done though. I did the math a few weeks ago and in order to get my BMI down to an actual healthy point I will need to get down to about 190 pounds. That means I still have over 100 pounds to go.

I’m not concerning myself with what still remains right now. Today I am just feeling happy and I want to stay with this mindset for a bit before I start focusing on the future. The day I flipped from the 400s to the 300s (May 16, 2022) was a great day. It felt so good. Today, as we flip from 300s to 200s is just indescribable. I can’t put it into words. It’s epic. It’s magic. It’s majestic.

Just wait until the 200s flip to the 100s (fingers crossed I can get there). Oh boy will that be a crazy day.

Happy 20 weeks, and happy 200s! WOOHOO