I am not yet quite qualified to get a Covid-19 vaccine booster shot. I have to wait a couple of weeks, I think.

I really want it. I really want it.

I want my band to get back together. The whole writing/recording demoes thing is starting to get old. I need to play loud with three friends who are playing along at a similarly loud volume.

I need a shave. I need to play live music. I need a booster shot. I need to delete Facebook. I just decided a few minutes ago that I am going to experiment with a full week away from the bookfayce. I am going to delete it from my iPhone and my iPad and close the tabs on my computers that I keep open. Hold on, give me a second… Okay, it’s off my phone and my iPad and it’s no longer open on this computer. Let’s give it seven days and see how disconnected and awful I feel. Conversely, I could say to give it seven days and see how less depressing life seems. Seven days without nazis. Well… I’m not deleting Twitter yet, so there are still nazis to piss me off.

When did this booster shot post turn into an anti-facebook post? I don’t know, but I still want the booster so… there’s that.

Okay, back to work.

Door to Door

Just had a knock on the door. Were we expecting someone? Nope. Is there a global pandemic that has killed 600,000 Americans? Yup.

In this case though, it was less than disturbing. There were two people at the door. Both wearing t-shirts with the word Vax on them. They were there to distribute vaccine information. When I told them I was already vaccinated they asked if I needed any masks. Nope. We’ve got mountains of them.

Now, is it really the smartest thing to do to go door to door during a pandemic to spread the word about the pandemic? Well… when you think it through and do the math… nope, it’s not.

Still, the thought was nice. Also, if they manage to convince a citizen or two to take their shots? Then I suppose it’s all good, right?

So Much for That

I hate it when your musical heroes say the private part out loud, you know?

I think it was around the time that the pandemic was starting, I told Jen that my musical hero, Eric Clapton, had developed some neurological issues that affected his ability to play guitar and as a result I wanted to see him live one more time while I still could. Even if that meant traveling to see him, the way we used to travel to see Rush.

Click the image and read the article. I’ll wait…..

(have you finished the article?)


Fucking douche.

Stressing Out a Little

After six straight business days working at my parents’ house I am back at my desk at home. Well, for today. Tomorrow I’ll be back at Mom and Dad’s, but just for one day. I had this weird moment when I was hooking up my laptops (plural, I had my MacBook and my work machine with me at their house yesterday) and I was sure everything was going to fail and nothing was going to work and I was going to be screwed. Nope. Both machines are up and all the peripherals are running smooth.

I hope at some point the Covid freakouts are going to calm down. We have a team coming today to remove the last of the cellar cleanup junk*. They are outside right now. I was just outside with them. Everyone was masked, everyone was distant, everyone was outside. Still… I’m freaked a little. The HVAC folks I wrote about last week are coming back tomorrow to relieve us of the last of our life savings (exaggeration… or is it?) and I am pre-freaked out about that.

I really need to change my mindset. Everyone in the house is fully vaxxed (I just invented that spelling. You’re welcome). Bellana’s still at school but she’ll be fully vaxxed by the time she gets home. Covid-wise, our house is about as safe as you can get right now. Still… here I am freaking out about the masked up, outdoor, two man work team loading up the last of our ruined cellar into a truck.

I changed my mindset from normal to Covid really quickly. Now I’m finding that it’s taking a long time to change from Covid to post-Covid. I suppose that was to be expected though, right?

*Have I written about the cellar disaster cleanup yet? I might not have. If not, just know we had a bit of a nightmare in the cellar that was on top of the whole HVAC thing I wrote about last week.

The Vaccine Appointment Shuffle

It shouldn’t be frustrating but it is. I want a damn vaccine. We have three options now, I don’t care which one I get but I really can’t deal with waiting to get something.

Massachusetts is open for people under 65 with two of a short list of medical issues. They open new appointments at all delivery sites on Thursday at 8:00AM. It’s 8:07 and they haven’t released anything yet. They announced yesterday that there are so many people booked for their second dose now that there will be very few first dose appointments available this week. I was also hoping that next week they would be opening up to people under 65 with fewer than two comorbidities but they announced that they are opening up to all teachers and school staff first. That’s a good thing, and it’s something I wanted to see, but I wanted us to be done with those heroic folks already. That happens on March 11th. Pardon me while I spend another couple of minutes refreshing the appointment page….

It’s 8:10 now. Still nothing.

March 13th is the magic date for me. 3/13/20 was the last day I worked in my office. That’s the one year mark. I was hoping I might luck into my first shot before the anniversary. It doesn’t seem likely.

It’s 8:15, still nothing.


8:20. Still nothing.

Methuen Vaccine Clinic

Methuen is setting up a vaccination clinic of it’s own. It’s at The Loop and it’s open on March 2nd. I just looked at the appointment sign up and it’s all booked solid. If you qualify, keep an eye on this site and maybe you’ll stumble on a cancelation or something. I don’t see anything about it being open beyond March 2nd, but I guess we’ll have to see. There are only so many vaccine doses available, and anyone with a brain wants one.