Christmas Eve Eve

It’s christmas Eve Eve. The last work day before a three day Santa Clausy weekend. The work days have been quiet this week and I am thankful. Remind me to mention it next Thanksgiving.

My father is home from the rehab hospital. Did I mention that yesterday? I can’t remember.

There’s supposed to be an ass kicker of a rain storm going on outside right now. When I got out of bed around 5:40 (an hour ago) I looked outside and it didn’t seem too bad. I might sneak over to CVS after they open and see if I can get a padded mailing envelop and a sharpie or two. I have something to ship to Minnesota and it is bugging me that I haven’t taken care of it yet. I also finished my test roll of film that combines my Nikon camera with Dad’s Pentax lens. I want to send that roll off for developing to make sure the combo works before I take it to Florida. I might take the lens that came with my camera from ebay too even though it’s in pretty rough shape. Maybe alternate days? Dad’s lens the first time we go to a specific park and mine the second? Who knows.

I just finished a (simulated) four mile run. If I had actually run four miles my legs would have fallen off and my head would have exploded. You know how it is.

Christmas Eve is a big day ’round these parts. We have a little family get together every non-Covid year. This year, in the spirit of hybrid work environments, we’re having a sort of hybrid christmas eve get together. That just means the guest list is smaller and there won’t be as much food consumed. The food thing doesn’t have anything to do with the guest list, it just means I don’t have a stomach anymore. I would also like to visit both of my parents, if I can. I would also like to take Dad’s camera to the ocean, maybe. I would also like to clean the kitchen and the bathrooms and the living room a little, but that won’t take a lot of time. We’ll see if I can get to any of that stuff.

Today, apart from the usual work day stuff, I want to bake cookies and make Tewksbury Tweets. We made the dough for the cookies yesterday, but it needs to sit in the ‘fridge before going in the oven. I wanted to make some Tweets, but there was a cat documentary on Netflix and you know how that is, right?

Okay, time to eat some breakfast and take a shower and do all of that boring morning stuff that doesn’t make for a good blog entry but I often write about anyway because I am a stinking rank amateur at this stuff.

How Long Until Christmas?

How many days left until SantaDay?


I still have one present left to get. I won’t have the car until after work tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Why not go out after work? Because I am planning on doing some holiday themed baking. Can you believe it? Jen and I had talked about baking cookies and I think that has to happen tonight. I also want to make some Tewksbury Tweets. I can’t eat any of these things myself, but I want to have them around for anyone who comes over on christmas eve. I snuck out to Market Basket before work and got the last thing we need to make the tweets (no relation to twitter, of course). We should be good to go. I just have to get through the work day, and then cook dinner, and then eat dinner, and then it’s baking (or no-baking for the Tewksbury tweets) time.

Santa will be here in three days. You had best be extra good if you’re on the presents vs coal bubble, right? Good luck, you naughty people.

Thumbs Up

Just a quick note here. (Might this be better as a Tweet? Probably. Maybe a Facebook post? Nope, the Facebook boycott is still going strong)

The kids are here and Bellana gave the Tewksbury Tweets I made last night a thumbs up.

Dessert success! Culinary Win! My work here is done!

Tweet Worry

I’m worried about my Tewksbury Tweets. They look okay, but you’re supposed to let them sit for a while and harden before putting them into the fridge. I let them sit for about 90 minutes, maybe a little longer. That should have been more than enough time, but when I took them off the wax paper they were still really gooey. I’m sure they will taste fine once they are cooled, but they won’t be perfect.

Weirdly, the bigger the tweet, the less gooey it was. I’m not sure how that worked out.

Who cares, the kids are coming tomorrow! WOOHOO!

The Most Dangerous Part of the Season

It has arrived. We knew it was coming eventually, but now it’s here.

The most dangerous part of the holiday season….

….the time you start baking stuff.

Oh the horror… the horror… the horror…

There has been a request for the no-bake cookies aka Tewksbury Tweets that I started making at the start of the lock down. I guess I can come out of retirement for that.

The only thing left is to start christmas shopping. Wait, now THAT is the most dangerous part of the season.

Quick Random Thoughts

I don’t know what’s up today, but I am just not feeling all that together. It’s like I’m on the edge of being pissed off all the time, but I’m just too bummed out to put in the effort being mad requires. I don’t know.

I think it’s just one of those days where your democratic society is falling apart and half of the country is applauding the on coming dictatorship as if it’s actually a good thing and there is nothing you can do about it and you can’t even emigrate to someplace where the democratic society isn’t crumbling before your very eyes because if it’s happening here it’s clearly going to happen everywhere and fuck all that.

I played some guitar. It helped a little while I was doing it, but once I was done the feeling of existential dread came right back. We watched the new Pixar movie, Soul, and it was really good but the overall theme is one of existential dread so it kinda just compounded whatever crappy feeling I’m crappily feeling right now. Crap.

It’s 6:37 PM and I still have to do 27 minutes of exercise to hit my activity app goal. I don’t want to do it. I’m feeling too low. Then again, if I don’t do it I’ll feel worse.

Fuck those fucking nazis who are imploding my country. Fuck trump and his cult of toadies.


At least I have a triple batch of Tewksbury Tweets to binge eat while society comes unglued.


I’m doing my best not to let every little thing bother me, but today is starting to feel like one of those days where the whole lock down thing gets to me.

I slept okay last night. That’s a tick in the good things column. The kids are here. That is another one. I played guitar last night and I didn’t suck (any more than normal). Tick. It’s only been a small amount of use, but so far I’m not seeing the same issues I saw with the new MacBook Pro the last time I tried to use it. My backup from the old computer took without issue this time, and with the exception of my copy of the Vivaldi browser acting screwy this morning there hasn’t been any software problems (I closed Vivaldi and re-opened and it’s been fine since).

My wife and my step son have spent the last few weeks becoming excellent cake bakers. Not only that, but they are teaching themselves how to decorate too. They baked their cakes and made their frosting from scratch and are doing all sorts of fun things with the design. Unfortunately they have decided to take a break from baking for a while because… well… we’ve had a lot of cakes to eat lately. We can put the baking and the creativity into the good column, and the lack of more cake forthcoming into the bad column. I haven’t made any of my now legendary Tewksbury Tweets in the last couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ll have time before the kids go back to their dad’s for the weekend. Maybe I’ll have some for when they get back next Wednesday.

The kids are going back to their dad’s tomorrow. That’s a tick in the negative column. We get them today though, so I won’t be upset about it for now. Harry has started watching 30 Rock. I am 99% sure I binged the entire series. He showed me a youtube video yesterday of something hysterical that I totally missed. Apparently, there is a thread throughout the show demonstrating that Kenneth the NBC Page is immortal. They actually come right out and say it once, but you can laugh it off as goofy hickish behavoir, but with all of the little throw away lines lined up one after another… Kenneth is some kind of immortal being.

We can add that as a tick in the good column.

I mentioned in a post over the weekend that I sent an email to Gibson’s repair site. They haven’t responded. Under non-coronavirus circumstances I’d tick that under bad, but with things being as they are the staff are probably stuck at home… maybe… I don’t know how strict Tennessee is being, or how strict Gibson itself is being. I don’t know. I will invent a new category and call it the ambiguous, grey area list and put this there.

There were other things I was going to mention but I’m working now and all non-work related things have been flushed from my memory buffer (that’s a technical phrase).

We’ll talk again later, m’kay?