Star Wars Day

So what are you doing on Star Wars Day this year? You know Star Wars Day, right? May the 4th? As in May the 4th be with you? Ha Ha, get it?

I know what I’m doing.

I am checking into a hospital to have my insides rewired.

I really did not expect to be getting a surgery date this soon, nor did I expect the date to be so close. They offered me April 18th too but that was way to close for my mental health to handle. I may have actually shit a brick when I heard that date. May 4 seems much more reasonable, not to mention destined, from a Star Wars fanatic’s point of view.

Holy shit! May 4th! That’s 35 days away! Insert the sound of panicked screams of terror here.

The Last of the Paneling

The contractor is here. He’s been here for a couple of hours or so. He took down the last of the kitchen/dining room paneling today and it is everything I dreamed it would be. There is still paneling in the hallway, but I don’t eat in the hallway (or to put it the way Connor McCleod of the Clan McCleod did, I don’t dine in the hall*). The end of the paneling will be a day long remembered (It has seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of the rebellion**).

The contractor is subcontracting one item on the to-do list out to someone else. That someone else is coming tomorrow at…

…wait for it…


Yeah, that’s going to suck out loud.

Totally worth it though.

*Highlander reference, of course. They had the French guy play the Scottish guy and the Scottish guy play the Egyptian via Spain guy. Fucking brilliant.

**Star Wars quote, of course. Most things in my tiny little brain are revolving around Obi-Wan Kenobi these days and they will until we get the full Disney+ series. The few things in my tiny little brain that are not revolving around the imminent release of Kenobi are revolving around Star Trek Picard. Oh, how yesterday’s enterprise***.

***Star Trek Picard quote that is a call back to the title of a Star Trek the Next Generation episode. A killer episode at that. Welcome to the 21st century, Q.

The Deer Show

I’m trying my hand at working in the office on a Monday. It’s still early, but as of right now I nearly have the building to myself. There are two people in view in front of me but they are as far away as you can get and still be in my line of site. There’s no one in site behind me. The traffic was non-existent too. I zipped in without any problem.

Now having written all of that, it just dawned on me that today is a state holiday. It’s actually the first time in my 17+ years with the company that we don’t have today off. So… maybe my Monday experience is somewhat less than typical. Oh well.

That’s not what I want to write about this time though. I want to write about Deer. Again.

This morning, as I was doing my normal morning routine, I happened to look out the window and see a single deer. She (I assume it’s a she, but I think the males would have all shed their antlers by now so who knows) was in the yard, not the woods, and perfectly framed in the window. She was just hanging out, but then she looked sort of startled. She was looking off into the woods on the left side of the house. She dipped her head and stomped her front hooves. Then she took a single step backwards and did it again. Then another step backward and repeat.

Clearly she was confronting something. I couldn’t see anything in the woods but the angle was really bad so there could have been an AT-AT* out there and I would have missed it. She was clearly worked up and nervous about something. After a few minutes she turned to face the woods and did another startled little jump. There was nothing back there though.

After a few more minutes something did come out of the woods from where she was originally looking. It was 5-6 more deer. They hung out with her for a few minutes and then something spooked them all and they ran off to the right. Two more deer came across from the left at full speed, which is awesome, and then a couple of stragglers wandered in after that. They were in the woods though, so they were taking their sweet time.

And that, my readers and only friends** is the story of the scared deer.

May your Monday be less scary.

*Star Wars reference. AKA Imperial Walkers. Use your harpoons and tow cables and go for the legs.

**Clockwork Orange reference, my droogies.

Disney’s Star Wars Themed Hotel

They call it Galactic Starcruiser. It’s a hotel that is supposed to be a 100% Star Wars immersion experience. It’s at Disney World in Orlanda, FL and it opens for reals on March 1st.

Given that I am one of the world’s biggest (literally and figuratively), and possibly most insufferable, Star Wars fanatics, is this something I want to do? We’re hoping to go to Disney in January, do I want to experience this?

I don’t know. Really, I don’t know.

I just read this CNET article that spells out the whole deal. The events seems cool, though the price is insulting. The price is high enough that it ends the discussion. I don’t want to pay that much money for two nights in a hotel. Let’s take money out of the discussion though. What then? I still don’t know.

The immersive experience seems very regimented. Your meals are scheduled, your events are scheduled, your trip to Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios is scheduled. I guess I am curious about how that works. Will the Rise of the Resistance ride shut down while the Galactic Starcruiser guests have their turn? Will Smugglers Run then also shut down for the hotel guests? Are all of the hotel guests going to bus over to Hollywood Studios together? What if the family in the room next to yours are douchebags? Do you have to spend the whole two days with them? What if I need to take a piss during one of the scheduled events? Do I have to hold it?

I think the scheduled nature of it is my biggest source of hesitation (after the money, of course). If I am on vacation with my family, am I going to want to spend two days on someone else’s clock?

As stated earlier, the money is a deal breaker. I don’t want to go at that price. For everything else, I think I’d like to hold off until the 10-20 million Disney YouTube channels are able to release their post-March 1st experiences (looking at you, Tim Tracker and Disney Food Blog. Come through for me!) before I decide if I am missing out on anything or not.

For now though, let’s leave it at May the Force be With You.

Fanboy Weekend

The last two episodes of The Book of Boba Fett have been so good that I have had Star Wars on the brain for days. This weekend, while I should have been doing more productive things, I have watched the whole sequel trilogy. I didn’t mean to. I was just in that mood, you know? On Friday night I just went over to the Disney+ and popped on Rise of Skywalker. It turned my nerd up to 11. Yesterday I did the same with The Last Jedi. A little while ago I put on The Force Awakens. It’s on right now. FN2187 just got chewed out by Captain Phasma.

So yeah, I watched them in reverse order. So what? You wanna make something out of it?

The Book of Boba Fett ends on Wednesday. Then what? Star Trek Picard comes back in early March. The next Marvel series comes out in late March, I think. When do the zombies come back? Oh Google? The second part of the three part 11th season of The Walking Dead comes back on February 20th. So why not watch me some Star Wars, even if it is in reverse order? Maybe next weekend I’ll start a Marvel rewatch. It probably won’t be in reverse order though.

Think I can blow through the whole MCU in one weekend?