Yesterday was a Day

Wow… yesterday kicked my ass.

Jen and I left the resort to go to Hollywood Studios at a little before 8:00am. We got there before the park opened, but in time for early entry for resort guests. Yeah… privilege. The kids met up with us an little while later. They were running the Disney World Marathon so we got to see a bunch of runners on the course on the way in. That was really cool.

We did my three favorite rides, Rise of the Resistance (Star Wars), Smugglers Run (also Star Wars), and Toy Story Mania (not Star Wars). We also rode the new Mickey and Minnie’s Run Away Rail Road which sits pretty close to my list of favorite rides too. Also, Star Tours (Star Wars). I must have ridden that ride on some previous trip, but I really couldn’t remember it. Guess I’m gettin’ old.

Speaking of old, we didn’t get back to our room until about 11:00pm and I went straight to sleep. I didn’t even wait for my watch to charge so I could track sleep stats. It was insane. I was so thoroughly tired I couldn’t function anymore.

Today we are going over to the Polynesian, our first Disney resort from 2019, for a character breakfast. My camera batter is charging because I didn’t stay awake long enough to charge it last night. It will be fine though. After that we’re going back to Magic Kingdom for the morning. We have tickets to an after close event there late tonight so we’ll probably spend the afternoon resting up in the hotel room. We’ll be out until around 1:00am tonight having Magic Kingdom virtually to ourselves.

As of right now though, it’s 6:47am and I am the only one of us awake. I’m typing this in the dark while waiting for the gigantic image files from my Z5 to upload to Flickr. It’s gonna take a while.

Big Day for Me

Todays a big day for me. We are heading over to Hollywood Studios where I will get to spend some quality time fully immersed in Star Wars. Galaxy’s Edge awaits where I will fly on the Millennium Falcon, face off against Kylo Ren, and maybe… just maybe… meet Baby Yoda.

May The Force be with us all!

YouTube is Helpful

I’ve watched at least 10 videos on YouTube that walk through Nikon Z5 settings and menus. There was one question I had that none of them answered. How do you set the camera so that you can use the little joystick to set your focus point. While doing today’s faux-jog (pronounced faux-yog, with a soft “J”) I watched this one, which I think answered the question. I’ll check once my legs start working again.

Ever since the camera obsession was reborn back in June, YouTube has been a huge help to me, a source of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (what is this medium format of which you speak?), and it’s more or less replaced my constant television streaming. 95% of what I’ve watched is film related, but there are a bunch of digital folks that I have obsessed over too.

Of course January will bring us a new Star Wars show (The Bad Batch season two) and a new HBO show that I can already tell is going to be appointment viewing (The Last of Us), and there is more Star Wars and Marvel (I think?) and Walking Dead not too far behind that. TV will take back a lot of my time during faux-jog (pronounced faux-yog, with a soft “J”), but I think photography YouTube might be here to stay for a while.

For now though, let’s go see if the autofocus joy stick thingie can be switched on via the back display screen.

ADDENDUM: Okay, so I can’t embed the video. Sigh. You get the idea anyway, right? Here’s a link.

Andor Season One Finale: Spoiler Free Review

The season finale of Andor was released over night. It is 6:52am and I am watching the end credits roll by. Season one is complete. Here is my spoiler free review of both the episode and the entire 12 episode season:


There you have it, my season one finale, spoiler free review.

Covid Booster: The Day After: Still Alive (Mostly)

Just checking in. I’m still sort of alive. Mostly, at least. The foggy head is lessening a little, but the body aches are still holding on. My arm, where I took the shot, is still killing me. There’s a constant dull ache, but any time I forget about it and try to use it it kicks my ass.

Mostly I am just exhausted. I got a lot of sleep last night but my sleep numbers were sucky. My sleeping heart rate dip, which should average between 10-20%, and 20-30% is a kick ass, actually went the wrong way. It went up 7%. Crud, huh?

The only productive thing I’ve done is 30 minutes of exercise. That ring is closed. My move (calorie) app isn’t even close though. It’s only 57% complete. I expect that at some point tonight I am going to have to do another 30 minute walk.

Other than that I’ve just spent the day staring at the television. I watched all five episodes of Star Wars: Andor. This week’s episode is going to be awesome. When I finished that I needed something else to veg out to so I started rewatching Falcon and Winter Soldier. I just started episode four. I think I can get through the whole season today. Once that’s done… Loki? We’ll see. We have The Walking Dead tonight (only seven episodes left!) and House of the Dragon so we’ll see if I can get to either of those tonight.

Wordle Stats

The first time I got the Wordle word in three tries I got all proud and stuff and posted it to Twitter. The first time I got it in two tries I got super proud and stuff and posted it to Twitter and Facebook. A workflow patter was thus created. That was during a brief period where I was feeling okay about going to Facebook again, entirely due to the weight loss surgery support groups. Now I am feeling down on the whole thing again so I need a new Wordle workflow.

Wordle 474 2/6


That’s right, boys and girls. Now when I get it in two tries, like I did today, it’s going to Twitter and The Blog. Enjoy!

In the immortal words of Barnie Stinson, “this is so going in my blog!”

Last night I was put in command of the television remote control and managed to get caught up on every show I’m currently following. There were three shows that I was one episode behind. I watched ’em all. Andor, Rick and Morty, and The Handmaids Tale. Andor has been my main focus, but after the cliff hanger in Handmaid I might be watching the next episode of that show first.

The plan for tonight is to do something with dinner that I haven’t done since the surgery. We’re going to have some spaghetti. I’ve made spaghetti since the surgery, for Jen and Harry, but I haven’t eaten any of it. Pasta, bread, rice, and rice-like things were the last items to come off of my do-not-eat-these list. Well, sugar is eternally on that list but as of now it’s the only thing left.

Pasta has been off of the do-not-eat list for over a month, I just haven’t felt confident enough in the universe and my tiny, rebuilt, mangled stomach to give it a go. I haven’t had bread or rice or quinoa either. I can if I want, I just haven’t. Tonight I am going to have a tiny little serving of spaghetti. Cross your fingers that it doesn’t make me sick. I expect it is going to be friggin’ epically delicious. I hope so, at least.