Why Didn’t That Work

Why didn’t the audio file I added to the post last night work? The one from the night before worked, but not the one from last night. Why?

I tried re-adding it a couple of times, but nothing. I tried adding it to a new post, nothing. I tried adding it and the song from the night before to another new post and the older song worked. Weird. I don’t know what I did.

I just re-uploaded it to the site. Does it work now?


I did some good work on May Music last night. Four songs got lyrics and melodies. When I finished I backed everything up. Today the computer crashed and I had to wipe it. I lost yesterday’s work, but I had the backup.


The backup didn’t save correctly. Yesterday’s changes are all gone for good.

Day 17, aka Ooops

I just posted this on the RPM Challenge website:

I recorded some rhythm guitars last night.  Nothing special, but one of the two songs I worked on is turning out to be almost kinda fun.

This morning as I’m going through my morning routine I was actually kind of humming the riff to myself.  Nice!  That never happens!

Then… wait a second… that’s not the song I worked on last night… what is it?  Oh yeah, it’s one of my February songs.

(insert annoyed sigh here)

Looks like Robbie’s written the same song twice… again.

I really don’t care.