RPMarch 2020

Back in 2014 when I insanely did an album in a month project almost every month for the entire year, I started with RPM in February and then kicked off a new project in March.  I was looking at an old blog post where I referred to this 2nd month as RPMarch.  I also referred to how the nickname is ridiculously stupid, but I kept using it anyway.

Welp kiddies, RPMarch 2020 is well underway.  Three songs arranged with rhythm guitars.  One more is just a two bar guitar riff that I haven’t done anything with yet.  I will though, it’s mildly groovy in a dad-rock-bluesy kinda way (in other words it’s about as cool as rotting cheese).  I am such a tool.

The plan is simple.  Literally, that’s the plan.  Guitar, bass, drums, voice.  No doubling, just one rhythm guitar track played with as few punches as I can manage.  I’m also (gasp) not using any pedals (gasp, again).  I told you this was insane.  It’s just my Les Paul straight into my 15 watt Bassbreaker.  I’m not even using my tuner pedal.  Last Christmas I got a clip-on headstock tuner from my Secret Santa.  I’m using that.  I am only using one cable.  It’s utter madness!


Recording stuff before work also gives me a built in chance to cheat my way through the Flickr Photo a Day thingie. Happy day #191.