White Light of Death

Buying a huge new TV and changing up the living room reminded us that we have a Play Station 4 that we never use. Jen and I were both inspired. I started playing EA Sports NHL 2020 and she stared playing this kick ass Star Wars game whose name escapes me.

On Monday, just before work, I had a little open time. Just enough to play a hockey game. I switched on the PS4, grabbed a controller, and when I tried to pair them nothing happened. The console couldn’t read the controller. I tried another controller. Same thing. I then sent the PS4 to its room and told it that I was not mad, I was just disappointed (in English: I shut it off and went to work).

Today I was up very early and had time for multiple hockey games. I had to watch the last episode of the last season of Rick and Morty first, but once that was done (which Beth is the clone? Will we ever know? Does it matter?) I switched on the Play Station to prepare for some hockey goodness.

The same thing happened. The controller wouldn’t pair with the console. Huh. I also noticed that the little blue light on top of the box was not blue, it was white. Well, that is probably trying to tell me something, right? Off to The Google!

The first hit I saw was titled, “White Light of Death.”

Uh oh. I think I’ll go sign in to work now.