I took today’s photo a day pic while stuck in soul crushing traffic on route 128. Graduation Duck used to face the road ahead. When did it turn around and face me? Creepy ass duck.


Getting Around

It is super warm out today but it’s also crazy windy and pouring rain. I went out for a pre-work errand. It didn’t seem terribly bad out at our house, but as soon as I went one block there were branches down and power outages, and when I got to CVS the wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to open the car door.

Having said all that, I have to go back out again at lunch. WOOHOO!

Random pics:

A gas station in the rain? Am I a youtuber now? Nice! 114/365

Scenes from an Oil Change

I took one of the cars out for an oil change this morning. I may take the other one tonight after work. Gotta get these cars in tip top shape this weekend.

Anyway, it’s a supremely crummy day out today and I was bored sitting in line at the shop, so here are some boring pics to pass the time.

This blog is not sponsored. Just saying.
Can you see how the wiper blade is falling off? I got that replaced too.
In honor of next month’s trip to Florida being Harry’s High School graduation present (1.5 years late, thanks Covid), I present Mr Graduation Duck. 107/365
Service: Underway

Yankee Swap Swag

Today’s photo a day entry is the coffee mug I got from Tuesday’s Yankee Swap at work. It was our first holiday get together (in person) since 2019. I wore a mask the whole time. I was the only one.


I added some grain in Lightroom on my iPad. Pretty lame, eh?