Gloomy Lake

The weather is kinda crummy today but in the interest of the photo-a-day thing and avoiding crowds at supermarkets I found myself taking the back roads through Salem, NH and I stopped at Canobie Lake and snapped a couple pics. They suck, but so what?


The question now is, are we going back to Vermont again? Bellana and her roommates were in Massachusetts yesterday and they stopped at the house for a quick hello. We think one of them left their coat here because there is a coat in the dining room that doesn’t belong to either of us. It’s cold out today so we may be bringing it back to whichever roommate left it. No clear plans yet, but we’ll see.


I had to step outside today to take out the trash and I saw this hideous monster. How can we live in a world where an evil like this exists?


Also, you’d think that living in the woods in New England would mean we’d have some cool fall colors. Not really. In our back yard the leaves go from green to ugly yellow to dead on the ground. Oh well.


Jen and I talked about going leaf peeping up on the Kanc this weekend. It’s probably a smidgen too early, but it will be a fun day if we go.


Let’s hear it for exposure compensation!

Artsy, or as we in New England say, Ahtsy.

There’s an Ahtsy alternate too.


How’d you spend your lunch break? I did this along with changing the litter box and bringing a giant, super heavy package into the house. Is it 5:30pm yet?


The Japanese Peace Lilly has a new flower!


Unfortunately, here is the oldest flower… what’s left of it. Well past time for some pruning.


There are three flowers currently. I really want more. The middle flower is going to be brown death any minute now.



It’s raining buckets out there today. The drought needs it, but it makes going out to take pictures annoying.

I visited my dad today. After I left I stopped at a spot near Billerica center and took a couple of pics through the car windshield. They suck but what can you do? I used filters on these because why not? There’s no rule that says I can’t edit the hell out of anything.

This has officially been marked as 5/365
This is sort of the alternate for day five, I guess.

I took this one last night so it has nothing to do with anything in this post, but it’s a faux artsy cat pic so here it is.


Photo a Day Complete

And with this photographic masterpiece, a third consecutive photo a day project thingie is complete:


I stepped outside and the groundhog (day) bolted for his/her hole. Then she/he stopped at the edge and posed for this photo. Thanks, Mr/Mrs/Ms Groundhog (day)!

So the question then is… do I start again tomorrow? Officially, no. Unofficially? Probably, yeah. Then again, what does official vs unofficial even mean? Every shot from the 2019/2020 attempt was posted to Instagram. If I do that again will that make it official? Who the hell even cares?