Happy Ice Storm Day

Snow is bad enough, but when little chunks of ice fall from the sky? That’s just mother nature being a jerk. We’re supposed to be getting a full day of this crap. Yippee. I just put ice melt all over the driveway. Our new furnace is supposed to get a check up today so I want to decrease the danger of a slip. The guy is supposed to be on his way so I am sitting here with a mask hanging off one ear. I am so* sick of having to wear a mask, but unlike 50% of America, I am willing to deal with the difficulty in order to keep other people healthy.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, ice. The first sand truck just went past. Here’s hoping this doesn’t turn into a big deal today. I hate winter. I hate ice. Blah.

I failed to do anything with the RPM Challenge yesterday. I’m optimistic today will be more productive, but who knows. We are up to date on The Book of Boba Fett, I am up to date on Peacemaker, and Jen and I watched the first episode of Pam and Tommy. I wonder how historically accurate it is. I remember hearing about a contractor and I remember hearing about a safe, but is this how it happened? Not that it matters. Also, is Sebastian Stan (sp?) a method actor? I kinda hope not, because that would require him to take a lot of cocaine. Yikes!

Sigh… It’s Friday. I really want to get through this work day with as little stress as possible. I also want to have my next batch of appointments booked. The weekend is so close I can smell it, and it smells like freedom. Or something like that.

*I am trying to set the world record for the most uses of the word “so” in a blog paragraph. Thanks for cheering me on!

Catch Phrase for 2022

I know it’s only January but I’m trying to decide what The Official Catch Phrase of 2022 should be.

After watching episode four of The Book of Boba Fett I declared the catch phrase would be:

Hit it, Max.

Yes, the perfect catch phrase! I started drafting the legal documents for the official declaration. Before I could finish though, episode five of Peacemaker brought a new phrase into the running:

Eat peace, mother fuckers!

Looks like there’s a new sherif in catch phrase town and he’s dropping the Eff-bomb!

I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

How’s Thursday Treating You?

I had my guard up when I logged in to work. I was out yesterday but word got to me about a potentially ugly issue. I expected it to explode all over the place as soon as I punched in. Nope. It turned out to be just slightly more than nothing and it was all wrapped up. Talk about a relief! That didn’t fix the other thing that I was expecting to be difficult today, but it did take some pressure off. Good job, everyone!

I’m eating fruit with lunch again. Aren’t you proud of me? Green grapes for the win. I think that’s the only fruit I actually like. Well, apples and oranges are good too, but green grapes are my first choice… and my second, third, and fourth choices. I just like ’em. Grapes good, chocolate bad, he said, entirely without conviction. Ugh.

Is everyone watching The Peacemaker on HBO? I think there is a new episode coming out today. It’s a spin off of The Suicide Squad, so if you don’t like humorous takes on ultra-violence then you might not enjoy it. Is anyone else finding it as hilariously funny as I am? It’s a comic character, right? Are the comics this funny?

Is there anything else going on? The Bruins lost to Colorado in overtime last night. The game didn’t start until 10pm Eastern time but I still managed to listen to the first period. Colorado appears to be the best hockey team on the planet right now and we survived long enough to go to overtime. That sort of feels like a moral victory, even if moral victories are still losses in the standings.

Major League Baseball is still locked out. Crickets.

I’ve been too busy to get any exercise in today. I hate leaving it until after work, but guess where today is headed. Go on, guess.

Okay, back to work with you.

Random Stuff

Tuukka Rask returned to the Bruins tonight and beat the Flyers 3-2. Pastrnak scored all three goals. A hat trick for Pasta tonight after a hat trick for Marchand last night. Sweetness all around.

Note to self: you opened a new jug of distilled water for the CPAP machine’s humidifier tonight. Try and keep track of how long it lasts, for future reference and stuff.

Patches is fully back to normal tonight. We can tell because she puked 17 pounds of partially eaten cat food onto Jen’s desk. Right as rain, feline.

I’m sitting up in bed for a little while. Should I rewatch episode 3 of The Book of Boba Fett or should I watch the first episode of The Peacemaker. Or should I just sleep.

You’re right. Sleep it is.

Possible car music in the morning. We will see when the morning gets here.