Don’t Spoil Me

I could have watched the new episode of Star Trek Picard this morning but I chose to do other things, like clean up some of the stuff that was displaced for the kitchen/dining room fix up. We had these huge ass canvas tarps covering the furniture. That had to go somewhere. There are so many cardboard boxes everywhere from ordering new pre-fab stuff.

I took some time to straighten a couple of little places up. That’s why you can’t tell me what happened in Star Trek Picard season two episode four. I expect I’ll get to it before I sleep tonight though so it won’t be too long before you can talk to me about all of it.

The last contractor is here. Hopefully we’re just minutes away from having a kitchen again. I hope so because not having a dishwasher or a kitchen sink has been a kick in the nads, I tells ya.

Our Personal Spider-Man Saga

As of a few minutes ago all four of us have seen the new Spider-Man. Given the current Covid/Omicron state there was no way Jen and I were going to see it in a theater. Sorry, Mickey, it just isn’t going to happen.

How then do we see the movie while still staying ridiculously, hyper vigilant against the plague?

One way is, to borrow a phrase from the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast, to go to Sweden. (Thepiratebay is located in Sweden…. Get it?)

Pirating works but there is the moral aspect of taking something that many people worked terribly hard on without giving them their due. The solution? Before we watched our horrible pirated file, Jen bought two tickets to a showing. There, moral questions answered. There is still the moral question of not spending money on concessions, but I can assure you that we would not be doing that anyway. There is zero chance we would stand in line near other people. Covid, you know? Speaking of Covid, our little work around means there were two open seats that could help with social distance.

So we’ve seen a horrid quality copy of the film, and the studio gets their ticket sales. We will further make it up to everyone by buying it when it gets to iTunes.

As for the movie itself? You’ll get no spoilers from me. You’re welcome.

I am Bad at Predictions

More proof that I ain’t no prophet, right?

In the last post I wished everyone an easy Friday at work. Within 10 minutes of punching in this morning I got hit by a metaphorical bus known as one of our biggest customers. Everything is under control now, but yikes, eh?

Why does Apple’s podcast app suck so bad? Specifically on iPadOS. It keeps crashing and losing it’s place and what the hell, bro? I already listened to that Loki Episode 2 podcast, I don’t want to listen to it again, and I was halfway through this other Loki Episode 2 podcast so why are you starting from the beginning again? Also, where the hell are the new episodes of podcasts I subscribe to? They aren’t all a day late, are they? Come on, Apple. You want to lose to some crap fest like Stitcher? Or, heaven forbid, Spotify? Crud, babie. Crud. Get your podcast catching ass in gear, okay?

So, Loki… are they going to pull a fast one on us and have the TVA end up as the bad guys? If you think that’s a spoiler, read the title of this post again. No spoilers here, unless we’re talking about Fear the Walking Dead. I’ll spoil the shit out of that dumpster fire (no I won’t). Those of us who are still watching deserve it. Masochism, babie. Masochism.

I need to play guitar this weekend. I need to cut the grass, but I need to play guitar. Do you get where I’m coming from? While I need to watch the new Rick and Morty episode this weekend, I need to play guitar. Yeah, you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Okay then. Back to work, fat boy. Back to work.

When do I Stop?

My question to you, oh internet, is when do I start my spoiler-avoidance social media boycott?  I mean, at some point soon the leaks are going to be out of control.  People are going to start letting the galactic cat out of the bag.  I’ve already seen a bunch of trailers and TV commercials.  I don’t want to see anything else related to The Force Awakens until I’m actually in the theater watching The Force Awakens.

So I ask you, when should I bury my head in the sand?


I want to take a minute to remind everyone of something important.

I don’t watch The Walking Dead when it airs. I have the season pass from iTunes. That means that I generally don’t watch new episodes until the next day. Because of that, I want to ask all of my loyal readers to do me the courtesy of NOT SPOILING IT FOR ME!!!

Pretty please.

Thank you,
The Management