Apple Nerds

Our Apple TV Siri remote has gone missing. It was there last night, it’s gone today. I think the cat ate it.

I was sitting at my work desk messing with my MacBook Pro and watching some hockey so I popped on over to and ordered a new remote. As I was starting the check out process Jen walked into the room to tell me that she just ordered a new remote.

Nerd love. It’s a beautiful thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Allow me to take a minute here to internet-ily wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life, Jen.  My bride, my beloved, my sweet, my angel, my dream come true.  This is our 13th Valentine’s Day together.  Last night  I asked her if she would be my Valentine.  She said yes.  I am so happy.  I am so in love.  I am so in love with her.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.

10 Years

Today is a special day.


This photo has special meaning that relates to why it is a special day.

10 years ago tonight I ate dinner at a different Outback Steakhouse location.  The one in the picture is in Methuen and the one I went to 10 years ago was in Lowell.  The Outback isn’t the special thing about today.  What happened at the Outback, now that’s the special thing.

10 years ago today, I went on a date with a really nice woman.  I had a great time.  It was the best first date ever.  That first date lead to a second date, and a third, and a within a couple of years it lead to marriage.

Yes, that’s right.  10 years ago today, my beloved bride and I had our first date.  That was the first day of the best 10 year stretch of my life.  I love Jennifer more than words can describe.  More than any words I could ever come up with at least.  She is everything to me.  I adore her.  I love her.

Love Continued

Remember last week when I posted a picture of a soda bottle with my beloved wife’s name on it and titled the post, “Love”?

Look what my wife just texted me…

In the immortal words of John Lennon, “it’s real love.”