Snow… shit; I’m still only in snow.*

We got a few inches last night and we’re supposed to get a few more today. I saw a news report that said Norwood had six inches before 6:00am, but that’s about 45 miles from here. That’s practically a different ecosystem.

I haven’t even put my coat on and my back is already killing me. I just took some Tylenol. Somehow I doubt it will save me. Bellana has an appointment this morning, and at some point later today both kids will go back to dad’s for the weekend. I am not going to be able to shovel everything before work, but maybe I can give them a head start.

Oh and yes, by writing this I am stalling like a boss. You readers are smart cookies. You all saw right through my little ruse.

I Don’t appreciate your ruse ma’am

*Saigon… shit; I’m still only in Saigon.

You knew where that one came from too. Ya’ll are smart cookies, just like I said.

Today is Not Friday

Today is the first time since Bellana finished her Fall semester at school (apart from a few hours of miracle on Christmas Day) that both kids are home. They will both be here until Monday morning and I am as happy as a middle aged red head gets.

We were supposed to have a fancy dinner on Christmas Day but we didn’t due to all of the various circumstances. We are having the dinner that we had planned for Christmas tonight. Jen is in the kitchen right now while I watch the clock inch through the last 36 minutes of the work day.

New Years Day is this weekend.

All of these things together have combined to convince my tiny, teeny, tiny little brain that today is Friday. No. Today is not Friday. Today is Wednesday. Wednesday, not Friday. I still have a full day of work tomorrow that I have to get through before the holiday weekend starts.

My brain is broken. My brain cannot process the fact that today is not Friday. I feel like I’m losing my mind!

Thumbs Up

Just a quick note here. (Might this be better as a Tweet? Probably. Maybe a Facebook post? Nope, the Facebook boycott is still going strong)

The kids are here and Bellana gave the Tewksbury Tweets I made last night a thumbs up.

Dessert success! Culinary Win! My work here is done!

What Will Go Wrong?

The kids are coming over today.
There’s a new Star Wars show premiering today, The Book of Boba Fett.
We are going to have the Christmas dinner we were supposed to have on Christmas but didn’t.
It’s not too cold out (forecast calls for mid to high 30s).
I got a pretty good night’s sleep last night.
I put down all of the midi tracks for two songs this morning before work.

That’s a lot of good stuff for a Wednesday, don’t you think?

I wonder what’s going to come along and blow the happy vibes?

Hang in there, kids. Only two more work days until New Years Eve.