The Amp is Here… Mostly

My new (used) amp was delivered today. It was eight days late, but it’s here…. sort of.

It’s hard to tell with a closed back cabinet, but it looks like the vacuum tubes survived the ordeal. Do they work? That’s the question.

Why is that still a question, you ask?

Because guitar center failed to include a power cable in the shipment.

There will probably be a post discussing the power cable situation but (spoiler) I need to calm down first.

Is Guitar Center Stupid?

I hope I am wrong about this and it is some sort of internet based misunderstanding, but I am pretty sure that the retail store chain known as Guitar Center is just stupid. Really, incredibly stupid.

Last night at about 6:30 pm I placed an online order through For the delivery option I chose in store pickup and selected their Danvers, MA store as the location. The website said the item was available for pick up that day.

My reasoning: My order is a small tube amplifier. Something big enough that I can use it at a small bar if need be, but small enough that I can keep it at home for practice and home recording. Tube amps are kinda fragile so I figured I’d pick it up myself and not deal with any extra shipping. The website said I could pick up the amp that day, so I assumed the store had one in stock. Maybe that was foolish of me, but I used to deal with retail inventory systems and I feel okay giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I just got an email from telling me that my order has shipped. Shipped? Shipped where? Why doesn’t it say ready for pick up? It’s bad enough that the website said I could pick it up on the same day and then couldn’t, but now they are saying it’s shipped?

It has shipped UPS ground. I have a tracking number, though the tracking number hasn’t made it into the UPS system yet. That probably means they’ve readied it for shipping but it isn’t on a truck yet. What’s the ship-to address? The Danvers Guitar Center store.

So it is shipping UPS, which I specifically did not want. If I did want to ship it UPS I would have had it ship to my house. Nope, I still have to drive the half hour to effin’ Danvers to pick the damn thing up. When? Who knows.

Guitar Center, you idiots. If I had wanted to ship it UPS I would have. If I could not pick it up at the store the same day, then I would not have placed the order with that stipulation. If you were going to ship it anyway, why on Earth would I want it shipped to the effin’ branch?

Are you stupid, or are you just that clueless about e-commerce? Safe to say that if I don’t get a call from Danvers saying I can pick up the item real soon, this is going to be my final transaction. Hell, even if they call me right this minute and tell me it’s in the store and ready for pick up, it is still my last transaction ever.