Weird Noise

Jen came into the room saying she heard a weird rattling noise coming from the cellar. Can I go downstairs and check it out? Sure

I was walking toward the cellar stairs and it happened again. To me it sounded like it was outside. I looked through the window but didn’t see anything. Then it happened again and it sounded like it was coming from the fireplace. It was vaguely metallic. Could it have been the new fireplace grate?

I stood next to the fireplace listening, but it never came again. I went outside to look at the roof to see if there was anything out of place. Our fireplace has a little metal cap on its top. Did the wind somehow make that sound? I don’t see how.

After a few more minutes everything remained quiet. I went downstairs to see if there was anything there. The fireplace is directly above our new furnace which is right next to our new water heater. Might one of those made the noise? I turned on the heat so the furnace kicked on. Quiet as a mouse. I went upstairs and ran the hot water in the bathroom sink. I listened to the water heater and it too was quiet as a mouse.

What the hell was it? My imagination started running with it.

I have decided it was a woodpecker banging on the cap at the top of the chimney. Why not?

The Ball is Rolling Now for Sure

I just got off the phone with the clinic that will be handling my weight loss surgery. I booked four appointments for the next 4-5 weeks or so. I believe two of those will be recurring throughout the next few months. This is happening, at least it looks like it’s happening. Any one of these appointments could result in someone putting a stop to the process. Maybe if there’s something amiss with my guts, or if the mental health folks decide I’m nuts, or if the dietitian thinks I’m unworthy, or if the surgeon thinks I’m a yutz… anything could derail this, but for this particular moment in time, we’re on track.

My heart has been pounding ever since the phone started ringing.

Unrelated note, there seems to be an issue getting our new furnace inspected by the city. We thought it was all set, but they had to come and look again today, and they might have to come again later as well. Not sure what’s going on, but here’s hoping this gets wrapped up quick like.

Feels Like Friday

It feels like Friday.

It’s not Friday.

It’s Thursday.

But it still feels like Friday.

I spent the time I thought I would be waiting for the furnace installation to start to move my desk back to our bedroom and give Harry his room back. My chair is still there. So is the little clock I bought. I need to find a new home for that puppy.

I didn’t do it because there is a heater in our bedroom. I did it because I had a handful of meetings over the next couple of days that I need to be contributing too. The bedroom happens to be about as far away from the furnace as you can get and still be in the house. I did not do it for the heat. I did it for the quiet. Also, because spending my days in my kids’ room felt wrong. When the Covid scare required me to quarantine myself it was one thing. That was almost two months ago. It was time to go back to my own room.

Who would have thought that I would have so much influence? Last night I logged into facebook for the first time in a month, just long enough to tell people I was taking a break. After about five minutes I was gone again. I will re-evaluate on November 27, 2021 but it’s looking like I might want to make this final.

Then, thanks mostly to my crusade, Zuckerberg changed the name? Jen just told me that Zuckie is changing the name from facebook to Meta. Ugh. You’re so meta, markie. I told her that he should have renamed the company Metal. That would have been so much cooler. So much… cleaner.

I guess Zuck just couldn’t deal with my exit. Sorry, hoodie man. Start treating nazis like bad guys and maybe I’ll come back. Get on that, bro. Cleaning out the nazi filth would be so meta, bro. It would be pretty metal too.

More Furnace Fail

I went down stairs and opened the doors and turned on the lights and took some pics for a before and after blog post. As I was wrapping up they called and said they couldn’t come today. Oh… okay. So they will try again tomorrow, and for today they will try to bring over some space heaters.

I guess I can post the before pictures now. Insert the sound of a very frustrated sigh here.

Insert a second, more frustrated sounding sigh of frustration here.

Having a Day

I am having a day, my readers and only friends. I am having a day.

It’s 47 degrees outside. I don’t know what the temperature is inside, but it’s not too bad. I’m still in Harry’s room and expect to be here through the rest of the work day. It’s not exactly chilly in here. It’s basically kind of pleasant, but it’s not what you would call warm. I’ve walked to the bedroom once or twice just to experience a little more warmth, but it hasn’t been a necessity or anything. The temperature is more than comfortable.

That didn’t stop me from shaking for about two hours this morning. Work got crazy for a while there. Crazy. It’s 2:51 and I am on my lunch. That implies that the morning was busy enough for me to push off food for an hour. Me. Pushed off eating. Yeah. Crazy.

Okay. Lunch break over. Quick check in with the universe over too. I’m heading back in again. Cover me, Porkins!

One Month

Today at a little before 2:00 (the end of my lunch break) will mark one month since I started my personal anti-facebook crusade. How many of you fine people have jumped on my little spartacus wagon and left with me? I’ll wait a second for you all to sound off.

(insert sound of crickets chirping here)

Anyway, At some point tonight I may pop in and actually tell everyone there that I’m pissing off. That and clear the 106 notifications (got another email today). I still have Messenger on my phone so folks can find me there, and there’s always twitter (@RobJ_).

After that? Will I be gone for good? I don’t know, maybe? I’m getting to the point where I’m not really missing it anymore. I don’t find myself tapping the spot on my phone’s home screen where the bookfayce app used to be. I take that as a good sign.

Outside of the facebook boycott, today is the day we get to ride out a nor-easter without having a furnace in the house. We have a space heater in Jen’s office and a the wall mounted heater in the bed room. I’m still planning on working from Harry’s room today. If the temperature starts bothering me I’ll move to the bed room. I really don’t think it will though.

Watch me as I eat my words.