Speed Leaf Peeping

Yesterday morning before dawn, Jen and I got in the car and headed North. The plan? To drive The Kancamagus Highway and do some leaf peeping, while still getting home by lunch time. We invented a new craze: Speed Leaf Peeping

The sun wasn’t cooperating, as it was a bit on the gloomy side, and we think we were a little past the peak of the fall colors, but it was still beautiful and definitely worth the trip. We only got out of the car once, so there aren’t many pictures.

The side story of the day was definitely the crows. There were tons of them and they were everywhere. For the Watch, right Ollie?
Leaf Peeping on the The Kancamagus Highway

Welcome to the White Mountains.
Leaf Peeping on the The Kancamagus Highway

Leaf Peeping on the The Kancamagus Highway

Can you spot the crow?
Leaf Peeping on the The Kancamagus Highway

Leaf Peeping on The Kancamagus Highway

Leaf Peeping on the The Kancamagus Highway

To Do List

I took a vacation day today. Mostly because I wanted to get the kids where they need to be for trick or treating tonight, but also partly because I can no longer put off the painful deed…

My nemesis must finally be dealt with.


I dropped the kids off at school. Went home and made a little breakfast (and goofed around on the internets for a little bit) and then went outside to tackle the mountain of leaves in the front yard.

Two hours and one huge honkin’ mother of a blister between my thumb and first finger on my left hand later…

We really need to re-seed next Spring, eh? Also, that tree is probably ready to be taken down. I love it, but it looks about 66% dead.

Notice, of course, that I am only showing the front of the house. I have gone to great lengths to not show the opposite side of the driveway because… well… I still have about 1/3 of the Nemesis left to deal with. That’s going to have to wait until the weekend. Sorry.

Bonus picture:

I wonder what kind of animal living in the back yard wild kingdom left this behind? Probably one that just had a baby girl.


It’s October and I Hate It

Today is October 1st.

Is anyone else seriously pissed off that it’s October again?  Sure, October means hockey is starting up again, and the Walking Dead’s 5th season is going to kick off in less than two week.

Still… it also means constant raking.  Colder and colder temperatures.  The threat of snow (we’ve had October snow in two of the last three years, haven’t we?).  All of the plants and trees are dying.  I just hate it.  Spring is so hopeful.  Summer is so alive.  Fall is so dreary.  Don’t even get me started on winter.

Today is the day that I usually start California dreamin’.  San Diego, specifically.  I’m just tired of being cold.  I want to spend more time each year being warm.

Screw you, October.

Merrimack River this Morning

There’s a parking lot right near the 110/113 rotary on route 93 that looks like it might once have had a boat launch but it’s pretty much fallen apart now. It’s been on my list of places to go to to shoot some Merrimack pics and today I finally stopped there.

This is what Fall looks like.




This might be my favorite of the bunch. It’s just the leaves reflecting on the water.

We haven’t gone leaf peeping in New Hampshire this year, so I just went ahead and did it at home.