Missed Again

Two days in a row with quinoa fails. What the hell, Robert? Yesterday I screwed up the stove. Today I used a new brand of bouillon cubes and I guess I used too much because the end result was WAY too salty.

I’ve been making this same quinoa dish for years. Literally for years. I can count the number of colossal fails on one hand and now I’ve messed it up two days in a row.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Packing List Fail

I mentioned recently that I ripped the hell out of one of my pairs of jeans the other day and had to order some new clothes. I ordered a couple of pairs of jeans and a few shirts. I got a delivery message that same day with a delivery date of today. Nice.

Today I noticed that a second pair of jeans is also ripped to shit. At this point in the story please note that I rarely buy clothes and the two ripped jeans are probably 3-4 years old. I think it’s been that long since I resupplied.

Well that sucks, but at least the post office will be delivering two new pairs of pants today, right? Good timing, I guess.

That’s what I thought at least. The postman brought me a package today and it was very small. Way too small for two pairs of pants and a few shirts. Small enough that it actually held one shirt. The hell?

I checked the delivery email again. Big letters: DELIVERED, then a link to one of the shirts I ordered. Then in small letters: Processing, then links to everything else. Oh you sonofabitch. I just suck at reading. Really, I am just not that good at life.

I guess I am down to one pair of jeans now. Unless of course the third pair is also ripped and I just haven’t noticed. How much do you want to bet on that?

Steam Fail?

I’m a Mac user, babie. None of that Windows crap for me. Well… except for work… and except for when I want to use something that doesn’t run on a Mac.

Jen has inspired me to try my hand at gaming so I installed World of Warcraft on my Mac. It works fine. Cool. Then there was the game I tried to play the last time I tried to get into gaming… which was something like 2012 or so? Star Wars: The Old Republic. That puppy doesn’t run on Mac.

So what’s a red headed Mac douche to do? Emulate, bitches! I installed Parallels and Windows 11. That works fantastically. Groovy like you’ve read about. Next, I installed Steam. That seems okay except that I always always always lose my password and had to jump through 2000000 hoops to actually get in. Once that mess was clean I downloaded and installed Star Wars. Success! Then I had to go through another 100000 password hoops before finally getting into the game and finding out that it doesn’t work with a track pad. I’m sure it works fine if I had an actual mouse with two buttons, but for the moment?

Fail, apparently. Bummer… for now.

Gig Economy Fail

I used DoorDash to get my parents some dinner tonight. It was my first time. I had to download the app and create an account and everything.

…and they got my order wrong.

Nothing like an epic fail on the first try, huh? Stupid gig economy.

Potential Exercise Fail

When the clock struck 10 tonight my exercise ring on the activity app was showing six minutes. I need to get to 30 before midnight. My legs are killing me. I’m up to 12 minutes now, but 30 is looking like too steep a hill to climb.


Small Instacart Fail

We placed an order with Instacart today. It included a half gallon of ice cream.

mmmmm Ice cream.

Instacart delivered it without issue. Except that it was mostly melted. I’m guessing we weren’t their only stop tonight.

Noted for future reference.

Apple Music Fail

It was just a matter of time, but this iTunes Match user (who generally sings the service’s praises) just found an instance of the Apple Music bug where Match users are finding that songs have been removed from their My Music libraries.  Tracks 1-3 of the Rush Vapor Trails remix are gone, gone gone.

Hey Apple… I want my missing files back.

I sure hope the last backup I did has everything that Apple removed.

Addendum: The bug is dumber than I thought.  I organize my iTunes library in playlists.  Every song I have exists in at least one playlist, and when I use iTunes, the playlist view is the only one I ever use.  When I’m using my iPhone or iPad it sometimes feels faster to find what I want to listen to by pulling up the artist, and then drilling down to the album.  That’s what I did when I noticed the Apple Music bug.  The full album exists in Apple Music, just not under the artist/album in My Music.

Those three songs appear in about 1000000000 different versions in My Music (ah bootlegs), so I thought I’d search for one of them and see if any others disappeared.  Imagine my surprise when not only did I not notice any other versions of “One Little Victory” missing from the search results, but the remix album version actually appeared and I could click it and play it.  Well, that’s dumb.  It’s still labeled correctly, but it shows up in search but not in the album itself.  Right.  Dumb.

I then thought, I made a playlist for Vapor Trails that included the album, the remixed album, and the couple of additional remixed songs from a compilation album.  I went to my playlists… and the missing songs were all there (“Ceiling Unlimited – Remix” is playing in my ear buds as I type this).

Well… that’s just… Dumb.

Fix this please, Apple.  Fix it soon.


The whole point of the sunrise pics is to see the sun rise over the water. Just the water. Nothing else. In that respect, today’s trip was a complete and total failure. Stupid rocks sticking up out of the ocean directly due East of where I was standing.

Hampton Beach Sunrise


The concept of christmas shopping online is not new. It’s something that millions of Americans have done for a few years now.

Why then would a company ship an item during the holiday season in a box that has both the name of the item and a graphical depiction of the item printed on it? Don’t they know that people buy christmas gifts for other people who live in the same house and that sometimes the receiver of the gift gets home from work before the giver of the gift?

Thanks, you grinchly schmucks.