They are Fighting Back Again

Oh, facebook. How you fight me.

Last night a friend tagged me in a post. If there was FoMO before… damn. There was no comment, just three names tagged in a reply to a post. I got the notification email and based on the title I read it. I wish I hadn’t.

Want more? Okay. Here’s one more. I’m listening to my favorite Walking Dead podcast. They solicit feedback from listeners, like all good TV show podcasts do, and most of the feedback they get comes via a facebook group. I’ve contributed a few times in the past, but I won’t be commenting on facebook anymore. The episode just started and they were talking about the general mood of the comments on facebook. Damn it. FoMO!

Is this what an alcoholic feels like when all of their friends are still going to bars? No. No it isn’t. It might be 0.1% of what they feel though. Okay, 0.01% maybe. You get what I’m getting at though, right?


I wrote about struggling to leave the facebook this morning. Here’s an example of why leaving is annoying.

That Pedal Show, the guitar gear centered weekly show on youtube that I really enjoy watching, does a live show on Mondays at 5:00pm UK time, which translates to noon for me. I try to tune in during work but sometimes I miss out. Today being a holiday, I was looking forward to watching without any distractions. I was going to put my feet up, listen to the discussion, and maybe noodle on my guitar a little to kinda get into the spirit of the thing, you know.

Noon comes along and there is no notification on youtube. There’s nothing on their youtube landing page. There’s nothing on their web page. That last one isn’t unusual, they generally don’t put news there. They put it on facebook. There is a really active facebook group and that’s where I go when I want to find out if they had to cancel a live show. At least… it used to be. All I wanted to do was look at posts around noon time and see if they mentioned anything. I couldn’t though… because I made myself boycott the whole bookfaycey experience.


Okay, so I’ll try again next Monday.

Unrelated note: The Apple Watch Activity app dangles these monthly challenge out to users. This month’s challenge, for me, is to burn a specific number of calories. The goal they set is higher than what I would have if I just hit my normal goal every day. In fact, I would miss the challenge by quite a bit.

Usually I don’t pay much attention to things like this. I just keep my head down and do my thing and yippee, right? For some reason though, I really want to hit this one. It told me how much I would have to average each day in order to hit it and I changed my calorie goal to match that number.

I’ve already closed my exercise ring (I’m actually two whole minutes over the 30 minute goal). I’m still only at 80% of the move goal (they call the calorie burning ring the Move ring). I’m going to have to exercise more today, aren’t I. Crud.

Unrelated note again: Kyle Schwarber played first base for the Red Sox last night. Early in the game he made a pretty terrible error. He fielded a ground ball and tried to throw it to the pitcher, who was covering first base, and he underhand tossed it to somewhere near the orbit of Neptune. I didn’t see it because I was listening on the radio, but it sounded really bad.

Later in the game he was faced with an almost identical play and this is what he did (roll the video, please):

Two Weeks Down

It’s Monday again. You know what that means? At 2:00pm the time runs out on the second week of my facebook boycott. I said I’d stay away for a week, then when that week was up I extended it a second week. That second week is up today.

I would like to say it’s been getting easier. I’m not sure that’s true. It’s my nephew’s birthday today and Facebook has become the traditional birthday wishes extension mechanism. They also tried fighting back again. When I joined Lizardfish Kevin made me a co-admin of the band’s facebook page. I got a notifications email for the page the other day. I didn’t open it. I have only gotten the one for my personal account which leads me to hope that I don’t have any new notifications which means maybe they’ll leave me alone now? I don’t know.

While I definitely do not miss the nazi bullshit, which is the reason I left, I am starting to miss some of the other connections. I haven’t seen any pictures of any of my brother and sister’s kids, including the birthday boy, I’m out of touch with friends, and I haven’t had the opportunity to check out any fellow guitar nerds’ rigs on the various groups I belong to. I guess my point here is that I am in full blown FoMO mode right now. The fear of missing out is catching up to me.

When 2:00pm rolls around today I will extend the facebook ban by another seven days. I’m not sure I am going to make it through this one, and if I somehow manage to, I am not sure I’ll be able to stop myself from putting an end to it. It is starting to feel like failure is inevitable.

Early Start

I was up early this morning and had some chores to do. Between taking the trash barrels to the street and going up and down the stairs to do laundry (the avalanche of Bellana clothes are finally folded and put away) I somehow managed to register 10 minutes of exercise without even having done any actual exercise. The activity app is off to a good start today.

I’m not sure what was going on, but the FaceID on my iPhone stopped working last night. It was working before I started cooking dinner but I noticed it wasn’t working just after we finished eating. Weird. It didn’t work once for the rest of the day. Right now? Working fine. I’m not sure what happened.

Today is my sister’s birthday. Being facebook free, I sent her a text instead of a post on facebook. I hope that is acceptable. I’m not sure what the protocol is anymore.

Speaking of facebook (giggles), that was kinda fun yesterday. Sure, it pulled the nazis over to Twitter for a while, but I managed to avoid all of that and just have fun reading the faux panic. Sounds like Zuckerberg lost about six billion dollars in stock value. I assume most of that was due to the 60 Minutes story Sunday night, but whatever. It’s all connected to his wallet one way or another. Granted it was just stock value, right? He’ll probably make it back today. It’s not like it’s real money or anything. It’s not like he’s going to need to take a second mortgage to pay his bills.

Okay, time to go to work. We need to get through the day so that we can focus all of our attention on the Red Sox beating the Yankees tonight. It’s a moral imperative. 8:00pm tonight, or thereabouts, we finally get payback for that friggin one game playoff back in ’78. Sure we beat them in 2004 and handed them the most humiliating playoff loss in major league baseball history (giggles), but still… I want one game playoff revenge. Suck it, Bucky Dent.

The Facebook Crusade

My one week personal facebook ban is going to be complete in about 20 minutes. Three times today I picked up my phone and actually tapped the spot on the home screen where the facebook app used to be. THREE TIMES! It is shameful how difficult this has been for me.

Now the plot thickens. Facebook may actually be encouraging all the hateful shit that made me want to leave? I suddenly feel even more justified for wanting to piss off. Screw you guys, I am going home.

On an unrelated(?) note, facebook and all of the systems it owns, including instagram and what’s app, are currently down. It’s been about an hour and a half now and the whole kit is offline. Remember the movie Airplane when that guy Johnny who made all of those perfectly quotable jokes in the tower unplugged the runway lights? In my imagination, there is one guy in the main bookfayce datacenter giggling like mad because he unplugged everything. That would be awesome.

Okay, so there are eight minutes left in my personal boycott silliness. It’s a little early to make this call, but let me hereby announce that I am extending the ban goofiness until 2:00pm on Monday October 11, 2021. You heard it here first, and because I won’t shut up about the thing (he says while patting himself on the back, figuratively) you’ll hear it here again and again and again.


Note: I am trying to leave bookfayce. I am not trying to leave instagram. They need to bring that service back up so I can double tap on pictures of Les Pauls… which is pretty much all I ever do on instagram.

When the Facebook Boycott Actually Hurts

I think this is the fifth day of the facebook boycott. I didn’t think this through.

Today is my niece’s birthday. I’m sure my brother and my sister in law are posting all sorts of great stuff about how wonderful she is. How smart, how talented, how generally awesome. All true, of course, but if I don’t go to facebook to see it I can’t contribute my tiny amount (likes and comments) to the festivities. I am missing out. It’s not the Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) it is literally missing out.

My sister’s birthday is next week. My nephew’s birthday is the week after that.

Fuck. This actually hurts. Now I feel like an asshole for missing things on top of feeling like an asshole for blocking nazis and fascists and trumpers left and right. All because of some fucking social media site? What the fuck is wrong with me?

In summation: Fuck.


I started my crusade against Facebook three days ago on the 27th at about 2:00pm. Despite catching myself looking for the app on my iPhone 4-5 times a day I would say it’s going well. I have survived this far. Even better, my wife has jumped on the wagon with me. How cool is that? We can accomplish literally anything if we do it together.

A few minutes ago something happened that I didn’t expect (though I should have). Facebook fought back.

I received a notifications email from Facebook. I didn’t open it, but I could see the little blurb that gmail displays on the inbox. Robert, you have x number of notification from blah blah blah.

I totally should have seen that coming. I’ve probably received notification messages from them before, but I just didn’t think of it. I probably always routed them to spam, but somehow they still sneak through. Then to sneak through right in the middle of my epic crusade?


One Day Down

The Facebook bookfayce exile has lasted more than 24 hours. One day down, six(?) to go. I reached for the phone to check for notifications two or three times and just put it straight down. Nope. No bookfayce there.

I say six days to go, but do I mean it? As in… is it six days or one eternity? I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I am classifying this as a temporary experiment, but if I feel okay at the end of a week I will just continue to stay away.

Forever though… can I do it forever? Probably not. When the band starts up again we are going to be communicating through Facebook messenger. At least we always have in the past and I don’t think I can Spartacus all four of us into a revolution. I think I am at least going to be using Messenger. After that, what about gigs? I am going to have to play the promotional game. Not that promoting the band on Facebook ever had any real results in the past. You just do it because it’s there, right?

All of this talk is making me want to get the band together. Nope. Not until (at the very least) my house has it’s booster shot. Even that is probably not enough to lighten the Covid-19 lockdown rules. We’ll have to see. We are taking it seriously here. Still. Very serious. Still.

Speaking of guitar… when the new Klon KTR circuits hit the stores, I am getting one. I just want to state that publicly. My Ryra The Klone pedal is awesome, but when the new KTR comes out I am going to replace it with the new redesigned KTR. You heard it here first, babie.

More Difficult Than I Expected

It hasn’t even been a full day yet.

I declared myself Facebook Free yesterday at about 2:00pm. This morning when I first got up, one of the first things I did was pick up my phone to check in with Facebook. I suppose I can chalk that up to being mostly asleep still, but what about the other 10 times it happened?

I knew this was going to be difficult, but I don’t think I realized it was going to be this difficult. I’m only planning on seven days off. Let’s hope day two is easier than day one.

I guess a social media addiction is better for me than drugs or alcohol, right? Right?

Might be Time to Leave Facebook

I’m really tired of the fascism and science denial and inability to know truth from lies on facebook. I think it’s time to bail. I am thinking about blocking everyone except Jen and the kids and the guys in the band. I’m sick of learning how stupid people in my life can be. How completely lacking in feelings or humanity so many people are when you remove the sham of direct personal interactions.

Right now I look at facebook and I just want to tell everyone there to go fuck themselves. I’m just so sick of it all. Obviously it’s not everyone, but I feel like I no longer want to worry about collateral damage, if you know what I mean.

Twitter and Instagram are the other social network services I use and they are both awful too, but so much of facebook is just bile and I think after 13 years it is time to flush away the puke.