Wordle Fail

I think today was my ninth or 10th time playing Wordle. Not only was it my first fail, but it’s the first time I even needed to get to the sixth attempt.

I feel like such a loser, vocabularily* speaking.

The good news is we are going to do a Book of Boba Fett watch party with Harry in about an hour. That should make me feel better.

*Did I just use the word “vocabulary” as the basis for inventing a new word? I think I did. Is that irony?

Boba Fett

We have watched episode one of The Book of Boba Fett and all is right with the world.

I was hoping for a longer running time, but I said the same about literally every Disney+ show that we’ve watched so far.

My spoiler free review: I want episode two NOW!!


Over the last few months, anytime someone asked me what we should watch on TV I’ve said we should binge watch the entire season of WandaVision. The response is always a flat no.

Today in my sadness and bitterness and depression I binge watched all nine episodes of WandaVision.

I’m thinking tomorrow should either be Loki or season two of The Mandalorian.

We’ll see.

Kingpin in Hawkeye?

Speaking of tomorrow’s episode of Hawkeye, are we going to see Wilson Fisk? Aka Kingpin? More specifically, are we going to see Kingpin played by Vincent D’Onofrio?

There were stories galore this week about MCU head Kevin Feige confirming that Charlie Cox will at some point reprise his role as Matt Murdock, aka DareDevil from the freakin masterpiece of a Netflix series. Vincent D’Onofrio killed it as Kingpin in that series and there are comic connections between that character and Hawkeye’s Echo.

I think we have three episodes left. Fingers crossed we finally see the MCU legitimize the Marvel Netflix shows. We know DareDevil is coming back in some way. What about Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and The Punisher and all of the assorted characters included in those shows? (and Iron Fist too, I guess… I guess)

All of the Netflix shows were ended way before their time. Disney+ needs to bring them back to life.

While they are at it they can give us more Quake and the rest of the Agents of Shield cast. Bring it on!

For reference.

What is Up Tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be a weird day. I’m nearly done with the work task I mentioned before that I really wanted off my plate on Monday. I need to wrap that up and send it off, then go to a couple of meetings and then BAM! Half day. Yeah, I took the afternoon off for no good reason at all.

The only definite item on my post-work agenda is cooking dinner. Outside of that? No idea. I’d like to do some music. I have two songs ready to mix. If I can sneak out for some car music before work I might have some leads to record too. That’s a big if though.

There is a new Hawkeye episode tomorrow. Hopefully we can set up a watch party with Harry and all watch it together. We will see.

Based on what I’ve written so far I’m sure the question burning a hole in your very soul right now is, what am I cooking for dinner?

I’ll end this post with the life affirming, world rocking answer:

Spaghetti and meatballs. Awww yeah.

Book of Boba Fett Trailer(s)

There is a new trailer for The Book of Boba Fett that snuck past me. It’s short and doesn’t give much away. It’s the first thing in this video, which seems to cut all of the trailers together.

To say I am hyped is a huge understatement.