Get Rid of This

Hopefully the end result of the current hospital stay will include getting rid of this thing.

I mean the hospital bed, not the walker. I think the walker is here to stay, even if it’s just as an insurance option.


Patches is glad that my father will be moving to another rehab facility today. It should happen around 4:00pm, half an hour from now.

This is the third facility this year. Please please please let him have better results this time.

Lunch Break

Lunch break on a Wednesday. We’ve been talking about the desks in our new building today. March 13, 2020 was the last day at our desks in the Waltham building. Two months ago the Waltham building was sold. Now we have desks in another building but prior to this morning none of us had gone to check it out. One guy went today and reported back that none of our stuff from Waltham has made it to the new desks yet. Uh oh. The upside is that some of us might be getting new monitors out of the deal. I had two when we left. They were both old and less than good. This could work out for me.

Wait… didn’t I write something about not talking about work?

The AC folks have come and gone. The window for their arrival was between 7:00 and 11:00. They knocked on the door at 10:50. His first question was, would you like me to wear a mask? Yes, yes I would. Thanks. It was just a routine cleaning and the AC in the wall in the bedroom clearly benefitted from it because it’s working like crazy now. It’s actually cold in here. I haven’t spent much time in the rest of the house yet so I don’t have any news from that front yet.

The tech said the wall unit in the bedroom was pretty old. Huh? It was installed three years ago. How is that old? Was it sitting on some warehouse shelf for a decade before it was installed in our house? Worse… was it used?

My father is in the hospital again. Day two. My brother is with him. The idea is to move him back into a rehab so that he can get back to a point where he can take care of himself better than he can now… which he can’t. He asked to have some of his more common aches and pains looked at while he was in there. Good idea. No real news on any front yet. Hopefully he’ll be in a new rehab quickly and he can get back to working on getting better. I am scared and worried and stressed and wracked with guilt and I am just overwhelmed with it all… and I’m not the one in the hospital bed. I can’t even begin to imagine how he feels. I hate this. I want my dad to be better again.

So Covid is over, right? The world is opened up again, right? People are still getting sick and people are still dying, but it’s all over, right? I’m thinking about things that I can do that were put on hold. Vacations would be first on that list but we have two college kids now and we are out of money. I already had a haircut, but I need another one because my hair grows faster than light. I need to get my eyes checked. Jen has done that already but see the previous sentence regarding money. I may have to ride out my old glasses for a little while longer. There is a guitar and an amplifier that I’d like to trade in. It depends on how much I can get for each item, but if I can get a used ’68 Deluxe Reverb or a used Les Paul Junior in exchange, I might. I don’t know how that will go.

Okay, time to clean up my lunch and get back to work. The hope is we will be watching episode two of Loki by 6:00pm. Four hours or so from now. Fingers crossed.

Wish my dad good luck, okay? Thanks.

Changes Coming?

It’s starting to look like my father might be heading back to a rehabilitation hospital soon. It’s all up in the air, but it’s trending that way.

I feel completely overwhelmed, and I’ve been there a tiny fraction of the time my siblings have been there. I can’t imagine how they’ve held on. I feel like the phrase that describes how I feel might be shell shocked but that’s probably not right.

I never would have thought going back to the hospital would feel like a positive step, but it does. That is just heart breaking.

He’s Having a Really Bad Day

I just spoke to my sister. My father had a bad day today. I am not going into details, but he had a really, really bad day today.

I don’t know what we’re going to do.

He had a doctor’s appointment with his primary care physician this morning. I sent my sister a text asking if there was any news and she asked me to call. Just as the call connected, a huge thunderstorm broke out. Lightning, thunder, downpour, the full works. The storm outside was almost as bad as the storm my sister filled me in on, but not quite.



That went better. My father needed to get up off the recliner this morning. I was able to get him up without extra help. My mother pitched in a little getting him back down, but otherwise it was a much better time than last night.

He’s on His Way

I just got a text from my sister. She’s at the hospital picking up my father. They are just wrapping up the discharge process. He’s going to be heading home soon.

What a relief.

Fingers crossed everything goes well, but I know it will. Dad’s coming home.

Game Night

It’s game night. Bruins and Islanders game #3 from Long Island. The Bruins need to bounce back after the overtime loss and regain the home ice advantage.

I’m at home right now, starting the work day, but tonight I will be at my parents’ house. I was a day late but I was able to watch this week’s The Handmaid’s Tale this morning before work, so I won’t be distracted by that come game time tonight. Of course, I have the attention span of a gnat these days so I will probably find something to watch at the same time I watch the game. So many choices, so many screens.

Tomorrow I’ll sneak in this week’s episode of The Bad Batch before work, then I’ll get through most of the work day, and then my father will come home. I have no idea how things will work once he’s home, but we will continue as we currently are for a while. The goal is to get him back to a point where he doesn’t need us at the house 24/7. Once things level out we’ll have to have some hard conversations about how we avoid letting this happen again.

Until then, work… and then Bruins.

Go Bruins.