Back to Vermont

Bellana left for Vermont today. She was on the road by 7:00am. I got up early enough to help her load some of the heavy stuff into her car. She’s moving back into her apartment after about eight months. She also has to be at work at 10:00am, hence the very early start.

We miss her already, and we’re already scheming for an excuse to drive up for a visit. Insert maniacal laughter here.

I did my exercise and my full morning routine today and still had time to go to the post office and drop off my padded envelope full of rolls of film. The package is on its way. Here’s hoping it gets to it’s destination in one piece. I’m actually a little nervous about that. We’ll see how it goes.

I have one more roll to finish. The Nikon is on shot #23 out of 36. I think I will probably go back to CVS for that one, just so I don’t have to deal with shipping and whatnot. Maybe I’ll see if Rite Aide or Walgreens handle film and try one of those. CVS was pretty crummy on the customer service end. Of course, I need to finish the roll first. That could take a while. After that we’re going full digital again until one of two things happen. One, I get a new lens for the Nikon (because the lens I have is kinda falling apart) or two, the Disneyworld trip in January where I plan to shoot one roll per day and go digital the rest of the time (though I am beginning to feel some concern about going through airport security with film). Film is expensive. I need to cool it a bit. I don’t want to stop entirely, but I also don’t want to blow money like this on a hobby. Digital it is.

The Methuen Post Office is downtown, so here are the obligatory red light pics:

August 1st.

In this one you can see the Spicket Falls dam, but the river is so dry right now that there is barely any water falling over the edge. Sorry.

Let’s Start the Day

It’s Sunday, the last day of July. Let’s make this a good one, shall we?

Today is our last day with Bellana for the summer. She’s moving back to Vermont early in the morning tomorrow. She’s at her Dad’s right now but will be coming here around lunch time.

I just setup my food/drink spreadsheet for today. Now I am having a protein shake, half of one at least, and then I am heading off to visit Mom. On the way home I will swap out the empty propane tank from our gas grill for a full one and then when Bellana get here we’ll have a cookout. After that it will be Stranger Things season four episode seven, as discussed yesterday, and then we’ll just hang out with Bellana one more time. Harry has to work this evening so we’ll lose him at some point, which makes me sad, but he’ll be here for some of the night. That’s good. Harry doesn’t move back to Vermont until the end of August, so we still have time to spend with him.

Today is going to be a good day. I can tell.

Okay, heading off to visit Mom for a while. Wish me luck.

Tuesday Stuff

Happy Amazon Prime Day. I don’t really know what that means, but my beloved wife spent her pre-work morning shopping for bargains. I don’t know if she got any, but we have a new dorm room to partially populate at the end of next month so fingers crossed for good stuff.

Today is my work anniversary. 18 years ago today I started a new job. Eighteen (18) years… That’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with anything in my whole life. It’s crazy. Crazy, I tells ya.

My father is moving to a new room within the assisted living facility he’s currently living in. The moving day is tomorrow. I haven’t seen his new room, but I’ve seen one that is similar. It’s bigger than his current room and it has an actual kitchen. I took the day off to help out. I’m not sure how it’s going to go yet. We’ll see. I’m optimistic that this is going to be a good thing. I am not sure if my father agrees or not. Again, we’ll see.

Bellana is coming home on Friday. Repeat: Bellana is coming home on Friday. We’re going to have both kids in the house at the same time and it’s everything. Literally everything!

My Ebay camera purchase that I kinda wanted to back out of but didn’t is supposed to be delivered today. Here’s hoping the lens that the seller chucked in for free actually works. I am not sure it will. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Day doesn’t have any deals on Nikon lenses from the 80’s so there’s no help coming from there.

18 years. I’ve actually stuck with something for 18 years. Who woulda thunk it. I wonder how many other folks from my new hire group are still around. Our careers are old enough to vote. So weird.

Irish Gig

We are on a call with Bellana right now. Literally as I type this.

She shared a ton of details on her birthday trip to Ireland. One evening they were hanging at a pub near the house they were staying in and the pub was asking people to come up to the stage and sing. Well, seeing as Bellana is literally a world class vocalist she graced the crowd with a song.

She gave a performance… in Ireland… SHE DID A GIG IN IRELAND!!!!

I just fainted from sheer glee. How awesome is that?

Fun with Time Zones

Here in Massachusetts in the good old (sliding uncontrollably toward becoming a fascist nuclear nightmare) USA, it is not Bellana’s birthday.

However, in Dublin, Ireland, where she is at this very moment, it is her birthday.

Happy birthday/day before your birthday, Bellana!!!

Patches Doesn’t Dig Pink Floyd

I’m feeling a little blue today. Fathers Day often has that effect on me. I always feel like an imposter. It’s not right or wrong and I don’t want to debate it, it’s just the way it is. It’s okay.

Harry cleaned his room today and Jen shuffled around some computer equipment. Harry’s back at his father’s now, given the day I believe that’s the right thing to do even though I always want him here with us, and Jen was wrapping up her desk set up. She asked me to carry something into Bellana’s room for safe keeping, and she also said something about a mouse. She was referring to the personal computer peripheral input device but it instantly put a completely unrelated song into my head.

Patches was curled up in a ball on Bellana’s bed. I performed a dramatic poetry reading of the song lyrics in the hopes that it would cheer both me and her up a little…

I know a mouse, and he hasn’t got a house,
I don’t know why I call him Gerald.
He’s getting rather old, but he’s a good mouse.

Patches just sat there looking at me. No response at all. I don’t think she really gets Syd Barrett.