You know how when you live in the woods you often hear noises coming from somewhere in the trees and you can almost never see whatever it is that’s making the noise?

Why is it, when you go outside in the daylight, that noise always sounds like a squirrel or a chipmunk or something small enough that you can step on it and put it out of its misery, but when you go outside at night that sound always sounds like a deer, or a coyote, or a bear, or a gorilla, or a manbearpig or a Targaryen dragon?

While you ponder that, check out the moon. iPhone astrophotography and shit.

You Turkey

Last night when Jen got home from work she saw a huge turkey in the back yard. Right now, a few minutes before sunrise, I can hear gobble gobbling coming from out back. It sounds like a thanksgiving pre-game out there.

Once again, I love our back yard wild kingdom.

Back Yard Wilderness

I created a new set on Flickr to hold all of the pictures I take of various wild animals who come and visit our back yard.  I haven’t decided whether or not to include the snake I saw in the cellar today.