Can I Fix a Disaster?

Rob Shoots Film

After messing with Lightroom on my iPhone yesterday I posed a question to myself: Can I use Lightroom to fix a disaster? The answer is a resounding no, though maybe if I actually knew what I was doing I could have better results.

Here is a terrible shot from Epcot Center:


Yet another clock picture. The camera was in aperture priority mode (what the Nikon FG-20 actually calls Auto mode) and clearly the light meter was looking at the sky and not the foreground. Oh well.

Here is my very funny attempt at fixing things with Lightroom on my iPhone:


I mean, I guess it’s a success as you can see the things that were buried in shadow, but it’s a fail in that they just look ridiculously awful. If I knew what I was doing, would I have done better? Probably not. The picture was a disaster after all…

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