Disney+ had a live broadcast of the fireworks at Epcot tonight. Jen and I watched the whole thing. It was more of a concert video than a fireworks show, but it was fun.

I mentioned before that we are planning on going to Orlando in January. Watching this thing tonight has taken our excitement level for the trip and shot it through the roof.

Jen is a Disney nut. I really am not, but I do enjoy going to the resort. I mean, there is a Star Wars area… they made it just for me. Still, I am feeling it just as much as she is. I suppose it could be partly due to the fact that we’ve been locked down for 2.5 years and haven’t even considered a trip anywhere. The last trip we went on was in February 2020. That was Disneyworld too. We got home just a few days before the real world came to its screeching halt.

The idea of going back is pretty much taking hold of both of us. The excitement is getting silly, and we’re still almost six months away.


On our last two big trips to Disneyworld I got really goofy and found a pair of clip on sunglasses that I could pop onto of my prescription glasses. I felt like it was funny and nerdy. Everyone else thought it was dumb.

I have new glasses now so those clip ons won’t work. We’re in the process of booking another trip to Orlando for early next year, so I think it’s time to start looking for new clip ons.

Have you ever looked at a pair of glasses and tried to determine what the model of the frames was? It’s tough, man. The writing is teeny tiny and I can’t see it at all. I mean, I wear glasses, right? I got the last set of shades through an ebay store. I hope I don’t have to go that route this time.

Oh, did I mention we’re going back to Disneyworld early next year? Covid-willing, of course.

Wish me luck on my sunglass thingie search.

On a slightly related note… if that film camera I mentioned yesterday works, do I take it to Florida with us? Just stick it in the camera bag and wait for the right moment? We will see.

One Year Ago Today

I keep doing this but here’s something I posted one year ago today:


Just in case you forgot that society fell apart in March 2020 and here we are in February 2021 and it still hasn’t come back online yet.

We are only 15 days away from the one year anniversary of my last day in the office. It’s been a brutally long two weeks.

Screw you, Covid-19.

I Didn’t Think of That

Given that last season the Boston Red Sox were a painful disappointment, and that this past off season has seen them lose their President, their manager (in one of the biggest cheating scandals in league history) and their best player (to the friggin’ Dodgers in what is effectively an embarrassingly awful preemptive salary dump), you can probably forgive me for not being fully up to date on the day to day goings on in Red Sox Nation.

It turns out that today is the day that pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training, with the first practice scheduled for tomorrow.  We don’t have a manager, and we don’t have a Mookie, but it’s still nice to know that the official kick off to the 2020 season is here.

As I was reading a headline that mentioned the big news (as opposed to yesterday’s big news about the finalizing of the trade with the friggin’ Dodgers) I was struck by a revelation.  Light dawned on Marblehead, as the saying goes…..

I am going to be in Florida during Spring Training.

Oh.  My.  God.  After 40+ years of die hard Red Sox fandom, I will, for the first time ever, be in Florida during Spring Training.  Now we’re staying at a Disney resort so we won’t be renting a car, but maybe it’s worth researching a way to see if we could day trip down to Jet Blue park and catch a game.

Then reality set in.  I live in Massachusetts.  Massachusetts is a little tiny state.  You can pretty much drive from one end to the other in a couple of hours or so.  Florida isn’t a huge state, but it’s bigger than MA.  How much bigger though?  I went to Google Maps and looked up driving directions from Disney World to Jet Blue Park.  It’s about three hours.  It’s almost, but not quite, the same distance as driving from Fenway Park to Yankees Stadium.

The dream died then and there, but not before a question drifted through my tiny brain:

How much would an Uber from Orlando to Fort Meyers cost me?

Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Spring Training Baseball Dreams Shattered.  I’ll just have to settle for hanging out with The Mouse.

The Return of Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas agreed to a try out deal with the Florida Panthers. Let’s start by saying that no one was ever a bigger fan of Tim Thomas the goalie than I was. I watched him in Providence, I watched him come out of nowhere and steal an NHL job through nothing more than hard work, I watched him become a starter, a Vezina winner, and a Conn Smythe winning Stanley Cup champ. I rooted for him all the way. He was the best.

Off the ice he turned out to be a tea party-esque nut job, and while that was totally distracting and annoying, it never changed the fact that he was Tim “The Man” Thomas in net. I don’t care what his politics or personal life are like (although I’d draw the line at rooting for him if he turned out to be chummy with the Hitler or Stalin types, you know?), hell I don’t even care if you’re a complete asshole. If you work hard and do your best by us, the fans, then I’ll tip my hat to you and give you my sincere thanks.

But noooooooooooooo.

Timmy had to break the contract that he agreed to that would pay him a truck load of money in order to spend time with his family. What’s the truth? I would put money on Timmy not liking either his teammates, his management, or the city, but how do I know. What it comes down to is that he screwed us, the fans, last season and for that I say to hell with him. I hope he never plays another game in the NHL. It shows you how insanely desperate the Panthers are to give a deal, even if it’s just a PTO, to a 39 year old with a history of breach of contract. If he wants to go play in Finland again, then good luck to him. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. I don’t ever want to see him playing in an NHL game again.

There is only one thing that Boston sports fans truly want from their professional athletes. We want them to work hard and do their best. That’s it. Really. If any fan base realizes that winning isn’t everything, it’s the fan base that stood behind a Red Sox team that went 86 years without a title. We want you to win, but if you work hard and do your best and come up short then we’re still going to hero worship the shit out of you. Thomas used to be the perfect guy for Boston, and then he screwed us over and went home for a year. To hell with him.