Cemetery Ornaments

Jen and I visited my mother’s grave today. There’s no grave marker yet. Well, there is but it’s just a piece of paper in a plastic holder. There’s no permanent stone yet. There also isn’t any grass, which is a little disturbing, but not really.

At the funeral service, I noticed a lot of decorations on the trees near her grave. I took this for my photo-a-day thing on 2/14:


See the Christmas ornaments? There were things like that all over the place. While we were there today I took a few more pictures.


So is this a thing? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen stuff like this decorating a cemetery before. Sure, I’ve seen things left on headstones and that sort of thing, but never in the trees. I kinda like it. There may be Christmas ornaments from me in these trees’ futures.

Another trend that I am not really fond of us having images engraved into headstones. Specifically, photos of the deceased. That creeped me out a little. When my time comes, please don’t engrave my picture into my headstone. Thank you very much.

Okay, I am going to make myself a little lunch now. Eventually I am going to put my nose to the musical grindstone and write some lyrics and record some guitars. Before that though, I think I am going to try to figure out how to load a firmware update into my new camera. I’m also starting to tag things differently both here and on Flickr. I’ve been tagging the new camera as “Z5”, but everywhere I look I am seeing Nikon list it as “Z 5”, with a space in the middle. I’ll do both for now. Wish me luck on the firmware thing. This is a new one for ol’ Robbie.