Week 40 Weigh In

Week 40? Are you serious? We’re only 12 weeks away from capping off the first year? How is that possible? How does time move so quickly without all of us falling down dizzy all the time?

I weighed myself this morning through a hale* of technological cock ups. Well, one technological cock up. The scale in the bedroom is Bluetooth and connects to my iPhone. It’s nice. The app on my phone calculates my BMI and updates the Health app so I don’t have to do either thing manually. When I got out of bed this morning I tapped my phone to wake it up and nothing… it was off. I tried to turn it on again and nothing… it was dead. I plugged it in and tried again and nothing… it was bricked. The fuck?

I stepped on the scale and started my day without my phone. Eventually Google gave me a tip for tricking it into restarting and it worked. She’s been A-Okay ever since. I haven’t updated the Health app though. I still need to do that, but I have updated my Google Spreadsheet and I have all the numbers I need.

There are numbers, but there aren’t a whole lot too them. I am down this week, but only 0.6 pounds. I will chalk that up to already having a mid-week weigh in on Saturday so it’s not a full week. Also, yesterday was Jen’s birthday and I hit the snacks a lot harder than usual while celebrating. I’m not concerned. 0.6 pounds is a positive step in my book. I’m happy.

On Saturday when I did the nine month weigh in I was at 224.4. Today I am at 223.8. I will take it. Gleefully. The total since the surgery is now 207.6 and the total since the start is 228.2. My BMI went from 27.3 to 27.2. Again, all good stuff. Not world rocking stuff, but good stuff. I am pleased.

The next weigh in will be February 15th. That’s the day after Valentines Day as well as the day after something painful that I haven’t mentioned yet but probably isn’t hard to figure out based on the last couple of weeks worth of posts. That event includes a luncheon but I doubt I will be willing or able to eat anything there. I’m likely going to have a full day of protein supplements instead of actual food on the 14th. We’ll see how the diet shakes out that day.

*Is that the correct usage of “hale”? Should it be “hail”?

ADDENDUM: It just dawned on me… I weigh 223.8 and I have lost 228.2 since 1/19/22. That means I have lost more weight than I actually weigh. Holy shit Snacks! I am literally half the man I used to be! Queue that Stone Temple Pilots song!

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