Apple Watch Problem

I took the latest AppleWatch update on Wednesday night. Was that a mistake?

Ever since then my watch has failed to send data to my iPhone. The Activity app, the SleepWatch app, even the full battery notification. Nuttin. Anyone else seeing this? I’m still getting notifications sent from the phone to the watch, it just appears that nothing is going the other way.

I am a sad Apple fanboy.

More Stuff

Not to be left out of the birthday fun, my nephew is 10 today. Double digits. He’s a mini-me. He’s lucky in two ways. If you’re going to have the misfortune of looking like me, it’s good that you didn’t lose your curly hair the way I did, and also it’s extra lucky that you’re skinny while I was already well on my way to being a fat ass by the time I was 10. He is keeping all the good stuff that I had when I was little. He’s also hysterically funny and he’s not afraid of his own shadow. Two things I didn’t have at 10. So basically, if you eliminate all the stuff that I was bad at when I was 10 you have my nephew. He’s awesome and I love him and I hate that I haven’t been able to visit in forever. I am so sick of the pandemic. It’s killing me.

My father showed some improvement on Tuesday. On Wednesday he seemed to take a bit of a step back but was still better than he had been. Today the word is he seems to have improved a little bit again. We have tentative plans for next steps starting next week. It’s all scary.

We should have the bedroom done tomorrow night… assuming we don’t come up with any new ideas. The mattress is going to be the killer. We have plans in place though. The kitchen stuff starts coming next week. Next weekend is going to be another crazy furniture assemble-fest.

I made a works in progress playlist for RPM. Still not 100% invested yet. Maybe if I can get some guitar parts down it will trigger me. Maybe.

I haven’t played with blog themes yet. I browsed a little before bed last night. We’ll have to book some time soon. I have so many reminders in my phone right now. I have to schedule everything with myself or I forget everything.

I’m tired and sad and I want everything to go back to normal and I want it now.


I recently got myself a new iPhone. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, to be exact. I also bought a simple case and one of the new magnetic wallet things. I told myself I wasn’t going to get one of those, but when I found myself shopping on the Apple website I just went with it on impulse.

I don’t think I will use it all that often once the world is open again and we can go places. It’s just not terribly big. I can fit three credit card sized objects into it and that’s it. Under normal circumstances I am going to stick with my old wallet. At Disney World, or in some situation where I don’t want to have a lot of stuff on me, the magnetic thingamajig will be nice. For now, during the Covid-19 ridiculousness, I am using it. I guess just to get used to it.

Turns out that getting used to it is a problem. I was not aware that I did this, but every time I stand up from a sitting position, the first thing I do is unconsciously touch my right front pocket to see if my wallet is there. My right front is my normal home for wallet and keys, and over the past week every time I’ve stood up and checked I’ve had a split second of panic where I think oh shit where’s my wallet. Then I remember it’s stuck to the back of my phone.

It’s been a week and I still do it every single time. I’m guessing I will stop doing it about a day before my company opens up the buildings again and I have to start leaving the house every day.

Typical, right?

BendGate 2020 Edition

Remember that super groovy iPhone stand thing I posted a picture of a couple of days ago?

Check out what putting my iPod touch into it for a whole day did.

Woah! It’s like BendGate all over again! I’m glad I used the iPod for the 10 hour time lapse instead of my iPhone. That woulda sucked!

Two Fast, Too Furious

The title of the post is just a pun. No one is furious. Unless you count being furious at the dictator cheeto for being recorded saying that Covid was a killer all the way back in February. That’s not what you get furious about. What you get furious about is that 50% of the idiots who vote still think he’s doing a great job, the fucking dogs.


51 minutes ago I finished my second intermittent fast. Two days in a row of no eating between 9:00pm and 1:00pm the next day. Something tells me that I’m going to get sick of this really quick, but for today… Two fast, too furious. Or something like that.

I’ve started having a little problem with my Apple Watch. Yesterday it froze on me. It went to sleep and wouldn’t wake up. I rebooted and everything was fine… or so I thought. About an hour later I saw a no-connection error icon. What? I checked my iPhone and sure enough the phone and the watch were not connected via bluetooth. I re-connected them and it was fine for a while but eventually it disconnected again.

I went to Wise Master Google and it told me to just toggle the bluetooth function on my iphone. That seems to have worked so far, at least for a couple of hours, but I have been having a little bit of an issue connecting to Siri. Its only working when my phone and I are in the same room. Weird.

My step son just wrapped up his second day of school. He did it all from his room. He’s in the living room doing music theory homework on the electric piano right now. As of today the full remote schooling is still just for this week. For now though, it’s such a relief to know he’s not going into the coronaviral plague pit otherwise known as the high school. I really don’t want him to go back, at least not without a vaccine, and not a rushed-poison-election-year-gimmick vaccine. I’m so tired of this.

So how are you all doing?

iPhones are Helpful

I’m getting old. I’m out of shape. Bending down to see something that’s on the floor is no picnic these days. Also, I’m going blind. My eyesight is getting suckier by the day. Also, the printing on the Keeley D&M Drive pedal is really, really small, and the color scheme doesn’t help. The little sucker is hard to read.

Fortunately I have an iPhone. I can reach down and take a pic with the 2x lens, then zoom in on the image and magically I can read the labels on the knobs.

I love living in the future.

Except for the whole pandemic thing. That bites. The other stuff, the tech stuff, is cool.

One Note on Logic Pro Remote for iPhone

Normally when I work on a MIDI instrument track in GarageBand I use the Logic Pro Remote app on my iPad to access the piano keyboard/drum pads/fretboard.  Tonight I had an idea for RPMay Song #5 but my iPad is in the other room and I was too lazy to go get it.

What did I do?

I installed the app on my iPhone.  The last time I tried to do this I couldn’t find it in the App Store.  I thought that, as a new user, I would share the answer to the one question I had to look up.

When you open the app and you’re looking at the mixing board channel and you want to switch to the piano or the fretboard or whatever you need to turn the phone on its side.

Portrait mode = mixer
Landscape mode = pretty much everything else.

You’re welcome.

Apple and Covid-19

Coronavirus panic, catch it.

No, but seriously.  Wash your damn hands.

Am I worried about this thing?  Nope.  Not even a tiny bit.  Am I paying attention to it on the off chance that it will become something to worry about even though I am not worried at all right now?  Yeah, something like that.

To all the trump nazis who are saying this is a hoax created by democrats to make the orange pile of fascist goo look bad (as if he needed any help in that department) there is this:

Apple sent out a letter to it’s shareholders saying that they would not be able to meet their sales projections for the quarter because the Covid-19 situation in China has slowed their production too much.  Also, they sent a message to their stores that they are going to have a shortage of replacement iPhones for customers who come in looking for major repairs.

So, my nazi neighbors, if it’s a hoax you should feel free to smash your iPhone with a hammer and bring it to your local Apple store for a replacement.  Go ahead.  I dare you.

The question isn’t, is this real. The question is, how far will it go.  Of course it’s real.  The whole world is reacting to it.  I’m just not going to worry about something that isn’t really anywhere near me yet.  If lots of people in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire start getting sick then I’ll batten down the hatches and ride it out.  Until then, I’m going to keep going to work, and keep going to the store, and keep breathing the air.

Having said that… first sign of a fever and I’m locking myself inside.  Even if it’s not Covid-19, you won’t see me adding to any potential panic.  Unlike the trump nazi cult, I actually look out for my fellow humans when I can.

Although… a little self quarantine would give me lots of time to play the guitar and get caught up on all of my television shows.  It would also allow me to continue live blogging the new Cream album.  I didn’t plan on doing that, it just sort of happened.  I still have two discs to go.  Sorry my posts weren’t in real time.  I could have time stamped them and everything.  Oh well.  Maybe the next time a 60’s band releases a new box set.

In closing, here is a picture of my cat being adorable.

Apple Delay

I might have to wait longer than I thought to get my hands on an iPhone 7 Plus.

I always skip an iphone release. I have gone 3G->4->5->6 Plus and now hopefully 7 Plus. (sort of the same thing as how baldness often skips a generation, right?)

I had a two year contract and that two year contract is up. Or so I thought. My wife and I are on the same cell plan, but last year she upgraded her iPhone 6 to an iPhone 6S Plus. In doing so, AT&T monkeyed with our plan in order to allow her to be eligible for an upgrade. In essence, her contract became my contract, and vice versa. That means she’s eligible for an upgrade now but I have to wait until March.

So when I put in my pre-order two nights ago, Apple accepted it but AT&T blocked it. It’s not a big deal, really. I waited until after the new year when I upgraded to the four and the five. Two years ago was the first time I pre-ordered. Life will go on.

Honestly, as much as I am jonzin’ for a new iPhone, I am much more ready to upgrade the ol’ 2013 MacBook Pro. When is Apple going to announce some upgrades in the laptop department? Get with it, Apple!