Epic Road Trip Day Two

We hit the road at 1:50pm yesterday and called it a day around 9:00 in Aberdeen, WA. Umm, I mean Aberdeen, MD. We are about 50 miles north of Baltimore.

Nothing terribly interesting happened until we were checked into a hotel room. Jen was asleep and I was about to go to sleep. That’s when I started getting a migraine. Yippee. I turned out the lights and went to sleep. I woke up six hours or so later with a touch of a headache, but I think the actual migraine fun has passed. We will see how it goes as the long day rolls on today, but I think I’m okay. I’ll just have to watch it, just in case.

Okay, time to pack up the room and get day two rolling. We want to be in Florida tonight at the very least, if not somewhere close to the airport in Orlando.

Let’s go!!