Snow and Spirit

We got a little snow yesterday. Not a lot, just enough to more or less cover the ground. There are still spots where some leaves and grass are sticking up, but the ground is more or less white. It’s not the first snow we’ve had this season, but it’s the first that was still there the next morning. I was thinking of going out to shoot some film photos this morning but the roads are icy and I don’t wanna. Stupid snow. I hate snow.

You would think that a little snow on December 11th/12th combined with wrapping a bunch of presents over the last two days would give me a smidgen of christmas spirit. Nope. Nothing. I am notoriously late in developing that particular seasonal spirit but I’ve been trying to make it happen this year. I’ve been plugging in all of the lights most nights and watching christmas specials with Jen and all of that, but it’s just not getting through this year. It will, eventually, but I was kinda hoping to not have to wait until christmas eve, the way I often do.

Last year Jen was having trouble getting into it and we spent an evening driving around looking at people’s lights and that helped a little. I am guessing we’ll need to do that again this year. If the weather cooperates maybe we could drive to Stoneham and check out the displays at the Stone Zoo. Maybe we could go into Boston and take a stroll through the park and down Comm Ave. I don’t know. Something. The kids are coming home from school this weekend but we haven’t worked out a schedule yet. We know they will spend most of their time at Dad’s to start with as they will be spending two weeks in Florida with us just after New Year, so we want to be fair to their other house. Maybe if we get some time with them before the holiday I can talk everyone into going for a lights drive. Maybe having them nearby will be enough to make me feel a little holiday spirited.

I’m sure I’ll let you know.

It’s possible that my current lack of spirit has something to do with a savage gift wrapping injury I sustained on Saturday.

Paper cut.

Wrapping paper cut.

Ouch, babie. Ouch.

A Christmas Present Wrapping Injury.  Really.