Week 30 Weigh In

So close. So close to having milestones in every category that my stats obsessed brain looks at. I mean, so close.

Hello and welcome to the week 30 weigh in. Wednesday is weigh in day and today is Wednesday. Are you ready?

I am down 3.6 pounds. That’s fantastic. I am very happy with this week’s results. The app our bluetooth scale works with didn’t capture my weight this time. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I had to add it to my iPhone’s Health app manually, like the old days and when I say old days I mean like three weeks ago. I did not move the 10’s column for my total weight, but I came ridiculously close. My weight this morning was exactly 260 pounds. Come on! 1/10th of a pound lower and I would have flipped that six to a five. Oh well. We’ll have an early weigh in this week as Sunday is the monthiversary, and hopefully (barring any catastrophes) I should be in the two-fifties by then. Fingers crossed.

Everything else hit a milestone. My BMI dropped below 32. It is 31.6. 1.7 points away from not being obese anymore, in the BMI sense. My weight loss since the surgery moved the 10’s column and reached 171.4 pounds. My weight loss since the first weigh in also flipped the 10’s column to hit 192 pounds on the nose. Two items of note here. One “bad” one good. First the “bad.” I used the quotes because it’s not actually bad at all, it’s just a sort of warning. When I was going through the pre-surgery process I was told I could expect to lose a certain percentage of my excess weight. They gave me a range between blah and blahblah. When I calculated it out it was between 130 and 170 pounds. Now that I have hit 170 pounds I feel like I am on borrowed weight-loss-time. That’s all. Not bad, just noteworthy. It might be time to slightly alter my expectations, even though I don’t really expect to suddenly stop losing weight, you know?

Now for the good note…….


Okay, so the next weigh in is Sunday December 4th. The numbers should be small, Robert. Don’t freak out. Next Wednesday will also be low numbers so don’t freak out then either, Robert. All weight loss is positive for now. The goal is to get to a healthy weight and you still have quite a ways to go before you get there. Keep up the good work.