My Stomach is Having a Weird Day

I was finished with breakfast by about 7:30am. I have felt uncomfortably full ever since. I haven’t even hit 20 ounces of liquid yet today but I just don’t feel like I can drink anything because my stomach has felt so full. I took my two calcium pills at just after noon and just that little bit of intake made me feel a little sick. Huh.

That was half an hour ago and I am starting to feel a smidge better, but it’s weird. Just weird.

On an unrelated note, the ant kingdom was slaughtered by an exterminator a few months ago. Dead ants galore. Today the final termination is happening. There is a contractor upstairs ripping up our bathroom. The walk in shower is gone. It will be replaced by a closet or some shelves or some shit. The toilet and the sink have been removed, temporarily, and the floor tiles are coming up as we speak. The tiles will be replaced by something that doesn’t need grout and the sink and the toilet will be put back. There should be some cleanup on the back wall too. No clue how long this is going to take, but I will miss our shower. I won’t miss the leak that caused the rot that ruined the wall and lead to the ant invasion though.

Back to the original point of this post… not sure what to do for lunch today. Not sure if I can handle food. I’ll probably just go the protein bar route again (that’s what I did for breakfast though so maybe that’s bad luck today?). We’ll see.