Off Track Morning

I threw off my morning routine before I even went to sleep last night. I forgot to start the dishwasher. The little blender I use to mix my protein shakes was in the dishwasher. That means I couldn’t have half a shake like I’ve done every morning for the last two weeks.

To further the fails, I started doing my 45 minute trotting in place thing. After 30 minutes I stopped. I did the 5k, I did the whole exercise ring. I did not finish the calorie ring and I did not hit the five miles. I had actually told Jen this morning that I was going to close the exercise ring by walking over the weekend because my legs are hurting and I thought they could use a break. I decided on the fly today to start that break a smidge early.

Changing the subject, I’m saving this for later. It’s my Aunt’s obituary. I’ve already saved off the service information somewhere else, but I want to keep it all here too just in case.

Change of subject again, it is Friday. I could really use an easy day today. Fingers crossed. Happy Friday, everyone. It is also Veteran’s Day. I tip my hat in thanks to all who served and serve. It’s also a date that can function as a math problem. 11/11/22. 11+11=22. Get it?