I Don’t Recognize Myself

Most of yesterday sucked. So far today has been better. I had one mile on my faux jog that had a much slower time than the other four. I only needed about 46.5 minutes to get to 1000 calories. That’s not as good as Tuesday’s 45, but it’s tons better than yesterday’s 60. I think if I stay in one place the numbers line up. If I move around a little, like say from my one jogging spot to my desk and back, then the numbers get screwy.

I also rebelled against the scale. After only losing 0.4 pounds over five days I broke my rule and stepped on the scale again. I was down a pound from yesterday. Sounds like a karmic adjustment of some kind. It made me feel a smidge better. I didn’t log it. It wasn’t an official weigh in, but it did lessen my self-pissyness. A little at least.

After this morning’s little trot, my legs feel a little like rubber. Walking in place used to make me feel that way. It doesn’t anymore. That’s a good thing, right? Right. How long before faux running in place isn’t enough to get the heart rate up? What’s going to be next?

One other item to note on the post-surgery subject. I’ve been experimenting with something for the last day or two. I have been testing myself by eating meals without the stopwatch running. I doubt I’ve been waiting 30 seconds between bites but so far I haven’t had any issues. That 30 second rule was something I put in place, not something that I was told to do. At first they suggested 15-20 seconds and I just bumped it up to 30 out of fear. If I find myself getting nauseous during meals I’ll use the clock again, but so far I have been okay. We’ll see how it goes.

Right then. Time to punch in to work. Happy Thursday, folks.