I Don’t Recognize Myself Part Two

Sometimes my brain gets all fluttery. I had something I wanted to write about in the last post. I wrote the title appropriately and then never touched on the topic at all. Doofus.

So weight loss surgery. I’ve lost 160 pounds in the last six months. A normal side effect of the surgery is hair loss, and my hair has definitely thinned out a ton over the last few months. It’s also starting to get curly again, for the first time since I was about four years old. It’s very weird. Yesterday my hair was past the point of just being too long and was starting to get downright clownish. I could stand it no more and after dinner last night I went and got a haircut.

It was a very strange experience. Having lost over 150 pounds, when I see myself in the mirror it’s a little disjointing. I don’t really look like what I think of as “me” anymore. I look like an alternate universe version of me. A variant, for my fellow Loki show fans. It’s odd, but last night as I was watching my hair getting lopped off in the mirror it went up to a new level. For 51 years I have had ridiculously thick hair. There is just so much of it. Even when it’s cut it still looks like a mop on top of my head. Last night it looked really thin. It looked… wrong. I didn’t really recognize myself.

Whatever it was in the moment, it isn’t that way now. I still look different than what I usually expect of myself, but that odd unfamiliar sensation I had at Supercuts last night is gone. I look like me again, or at least variant me.

It’s a strange new world we’re living in, isn’t it?