Week 27 – Worst Weigh In Ever

Everything has sucked this morning. Almost everything. The election in Massachusetts went well, as if there had been any doubt. Today’s new episode of Star Wars Andor was absolutely fucking amazing. Kenneth Branagh in Henry V. That nazi piece of filth Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Now add Andy effin’ Serkis to the list of amazing inspirational speeches before a battle, fictional or historical fictional or otherwise. Holy shit that episode was giving me chills, and I am secure enough in my masculinity to say that I may have teared up a little. Damn!

Star Wars not withstanding, everything else has sucked today. I have said the last few weeks that I was waiting for a weigh in that leveled off. It came today. I am down, but only 0.4 pounds. It’s only been five days since the last weigh in so I should really get over myself and take it as the plus that I know it is, but for some reason it just pissed me off. I have been feeling like I was slipping into a really shitty bad mood for the last day or so and seeing the scale pushed me over the bad mood edge. It’s completely irrational but it’s true.

Exercise made it worse. For the last few days I’ve been running in place and going five miles in about 42 minutes. Today the same exercise needed 60 minutes to hit five miles. Why? My first mile pace was normal. The second was a little slower than normal. I don’t know why. The third was normal. The fourth was double normal. The fifth was also double normal. What the fuck?

So now here I am in a full blown shitty headspace. Maybe I’ll just watch Andor again and see if it helps.

Addendum: I should also add that another reason I was falling into a pissy mood was this blog had the worst day stats-wise that it has had in over four years. I had less than a fifth of my normal hits. That shouldn’t effect my mood at all because this page is completely and totally pointless, but it did so there you go.