Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! I can’t believe October is ending. What the hell, time?

I took today off. Partly because of the use-it-or-lose-it time off thing at work, but also because we have a contractor coming today. The window for expected arrival is 8:00am to noon. I got up early and did my exercise and had everything done before 8:00. I am kinda proud of myself. I did another 40ish minutes of running in place and hit a simulated, estimated five miles. Absolutely insane. My calorie goal is at 99% already and it’s only 9:07.

I didn’t catch last night’s episode of The Walking Dead on live TV so I watched it this morning while “running.” It’s always fitting to watch a new episode on Halloween. The show debuted on Halloween after all. 12 years ago. Insane.

No word from the contractor yet. He’s coming to measure our windows. They are going to be replaced eventually and this is just the next step. My father isn’t well right now and I will be going to check in on him this afternoon. I just don’t know when. Jen is working so to kill time while I wait for the window guy I’m picking off some more James Bond. I may be past the brief Timothy Dalton era at some point this morning. I am watching License to Kill right now. I remember this one being a little on the weak side but it seems okay so far. I forgot all about the very, very young Benicio Del Toro. I also forgot that they brought back an old Felix Leiter actor. I used to think it was the original actor but I looked it up and it’s not. It’s the original Roger Moore era actor. Also, I think I forgot about Wayne Newton too. Wayne Newton? Bless your heart. Jen’s working today so I am wearing headphones through the Apple TV. The sync is a little off, but I’ll live.

I am afraid I am not going to be here for trick or treating tonight. I was really looking forward to pretending I was part of society again. Jen and I talked about it. If I’m at my dad’s during trick or treat time I will be one of those wimps who puts a bowl of candy on the steps and lets the kids help themselves. Better than nothing, I guess.

It’s 9:28. Still no word from the contractor. Sigh. I was hoping we’d get through this early today, but what can you do?

Once again, Happy Halloween, everyone. BOO! Scared ya, didn’t I?