No Photowalk or Covid-19

Did I get up in time to go out and take some bad photos of random spots in the Merrimack Valley? Yes. Did I do it? No. I went back to bed. Who didn’t see that coming! Tomorrow, for sure… assuming the weather holds.

Today we are scheduled to get a couple of pieces of furniture for the living room. Small upgrades to the décor. They initially told us they were going to be here during my morning meetings and I was not looking forward to having to step out. A few minutes ago they updated their expected arrival time and it’s right after my meeting so thanks, folks.

When I did eventually get out of bed I had a little bit of a sniffle. Huh. Unusual. Given that we were going to have people in the house I took a Covid-19 test. Negative. Oh yeah, my Covid-Free streak remains intact!


I’m thinking of some ocean pics tomorrow. Maybe Salisbury Beach. Also maybe spend 10-15 minutes shooting the boardwalk and some of the surrounding neighborhood. We’ll see. I might also hit a spot or two in Lowell on the way home. Again, we’ll see. I need a new tripod (I’ve mentioned that, right?) but fortunately the one I have broke while in the correct position to take sunrise pics and it remains in that position to this day. Cute, eh?

As Traffic once said (on John Barleycorn, I think), “who knows what tomorrow may bring?” I really don’t care at this point so long as the furniture delivery goes off without a hitch today… and they come after my scheduled meeting.

Right on.