Four Months

Today is the fourth monthiversary of my Gastric Bypass surgery. That means it’s a bonus weigh in day. Are you excited? I am!

I needed to lose more than three pounds in order for the 10’s column to change. Did I make it? Will I have to wait until Wednesday?

I lost 3.2 pounds.

Oh, hell yes! The 10’s column just barely changed! I just ate a bite of chicken. I bet if I weighed myself again it would go up again, but there ain’t no way I’m doing that! Wanna hear something truly absurd? The next time the 10’s column goes down… the 100’s column goes down too.

That’s going to be a shock. Seriously. If things keep going the way they’re going that could happen in maybe three weeks or so. I am not banking on it. I have to level off at some point, right? Still… that would be Earth Alteringly awesome.

All of the other numbers I am tracking had their 10’s columns drop too. My BMI went down 0.4 points. My weight lost since surgery (approximately) is now 121.6 and my weight lost since the first appointment is now 142.2.

The last week or two have seen an increasing number of difficult meals. I think I am starting to get arrogant in my eating habits and maybe not paying attention to the details closely enough. I am trying to cut back on the amount of food at each meal, in the hopes that it will in turn make it less likely for me to feel any stomach issues. Yesterday was free of issues, and I’m eating breakfast as I type this and not having any problems yet today. Here’s hoping all remains positive on that front.

Over all though, I feel so good. I can’t put it into words. I feel great.

Next weigh in is the usual Wednesday weekly weigh in. The numbers will be small but hopefully they will continue moving in the right direction.

To sum up… WOOHOO! Four Months!